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Report: Sting to retire from professional wrestling

In an unfortunate turn of events, Sting has reportedly announced his retirement from professional wrestling. The legend suffered from cervical spinal stenosis after a neck injury against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. You can watch that match here, where the injury will happen 12 minutes in. It is truly an end of an era for one of the greatest wrestlers off all time.

For years, Sting was a force in professional wrestling. “The Icon” went through a transformation that made his career go through the roof into legendary status. He has done everything there possibly could be in the business. When he finally joined WWE in 2014, fans were ecstatic. The last major holdout from WCW brought his signature bat with him for the ride. When he shockingly debuted at Survivor Series in 2014, all the patience had paid off.

When Sting finally had his WrestleMania moment against Triple H, it was a sight to behold. While he didn’t win (and many were upset at that fact), Sting had his first chance to shine on “The Grandest Stage of Them All”. It must have felt like a win to him. He provided some surreal moments in his short time in WWE, as he was quickly pushed into the main event scene. I was surprised and ecstatic when he showed up to challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE Championship. It was unpredictable, and a cool moment in WWE history.


Many criticized how Sting was treated since joining WWE. There were those who thought he was booked just like any other WCW guy Vince McMahon wanted to set an example to. I don’t believe it was a bad run for him. He helped establish young stars within the company like Seth Rollins, while giving fans a few more memories.

It was announced a few months ago that Sting would be the first person announced to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. If the official announcement comes then, it will be in front of thousands of his fans and peers. I would love to be at that ceremony where there is sure to be tears and a deafening applause by the audience.

While I am too young to remember Sting in WCW, videos around the internet have helped show the legacy the man left behind. While his time in TNA was both full of memories and regret, his lasting image as a veteran was important to the young company. When WWE produced a video of Sting, it was almost a history lesson for young fans. For a short time, those who only knew about John Cena, Randy Orton and the members of The Shield got a chance to see a pioneer in the wrestling industry. That is something to never forget.

This will hopefully not be the last time we will see “The Stinger”. The door is always open for him to return in some capacity. Like the man always says, “The only thing about Sting, is that nothings for sure”. The now 57-year old (today is his birthday) will hopefully look to be a mentor behind the scenes, helping the new generation of stars make their mark. While I’m sure he would love to stay physically active, he can still make appearances here and there, giving fans and the company something special to witness.

I salute you Sting, for a great career and all that you have done for the business. Thank you to the future WWE Hall of Famer. Before he reportedly hangs up the boots, there will be one final “Showtime!” moment for Sting on April 1st. It should be one heck of a show.



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