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Robinson Cano Saves Home Run Derby From Mediocrity

The 2011 All-Star festivities this season have an odd feel. It seems as though a ton of players have backed out of playing, some for injuries and others just not that interested. The home run derby had an oddly mediocre feel as well, outside of Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano of course.

Cano, who had his father pitching to him, was easily the highlight of the contest last night in Arizona.

Matt Kemp, Rickie Weeks, Jose Bautista, and Matt Holliday were down right boring. David Ortiz and Prince Fielder had some big home runs and did do their best to make it interesting, but the previous two derby winners ultimately failed to bring much excitement. The most excitement was Fielders 474-foot blast which was the longest of the night.

It ultimately became a Yankees/Red Sox battle as Boston first baseman Adrian Gonzalez battled Cano. Gonzo was indeed impressive with his swings and power but ultimately not many were the type of blasts Cano was producing.

Both players had a total of 20 home runs heading into the head-to-head final. Gonzalez hit first, belting 11 home runs, tying the record for homers in a final round. Cano followed him and put on a show.

The second baseman showed his excellent bat speed as he drove balls all over the place between right-center and right field. Cano broke the final round record and beat Gonzalez by hitting 12 homers in the finale. He had the second longest drive of the night, belting a shot 472 feet. Cano was the excitement on this night.

The crowd seemed a bit boring rather unexcited. Some of the players were having fun as they watched from the side. However, for the most part the entire event was lacking the pop from the past. Cano and Gonzalez did their best to make this a party worth attending.

On a side note, when are fans going to learn it’s really not worth catching a baseball if it risks your life. After the tragic death of a Rangers fan who fell to death while trying to reach for a ball this past week, another fan almost fell over a railing last night. Come on people, don’t be stupid!

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