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Marty Scurll - Bullet Club (Young Bucks - Nick Jackson - Twitter)

Marty Scurll – Bullet Club (Young Bucks – Nick Jackson – Twitter)

It’s been long rumored that Adam Cole will be leaving Ring of Honor soon. The man has even been discussing it. It seemed the former three-time ROH Heavyweight Champion was officially done after losing to NJPW’s Hiroshi Tanahashi at last night’s War of the Worlds PPV in NYC. What happened next might have changed things, at least for a little bit. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) attacked Cole, who was fired from Bullet Club, and Marty Scurll was announced as his replacement.

That’s right, “The Villain” has made his mark at Adam Cole’s expense. 

After a hard-fought battle against Tanahashi, Cole stood alone in the ring, with cheers of “Thank you Adam” ringing throughout the Hammerstein Ballroom. Matt and Nick then entered the ring, looking like they were about to attack him. The three instead embraced in the middle of the ring, a la “The Kliq” many years ago. That moment ended with Kenny Omega showing up on the screen with something to say to Adam Cole. Thanks to his great promo work, Kenny was able to send a message worth remembering to Cole. 

“Your tenure in Bullet Club, your tenure in professional wrestling has been long, has been fruitful, has been storied. But just like fairy tales Adam, there has to be a hero, and there has to be…A Villain. Adam Cole, consider yourself officially fired!”

Next to Kenny was Marty Scurll, who earlier that night successfully defended his World TV Title against Matt Sydal. The place went wild. Two super kicks later and it was all over. 


The planning that got us to this moment was well done. If you haven’t done so, I highly recommend subscribing to The Young Bucks’ YouTube show, Being the Elite. For months, there has been tension within the Bullet Club, all thanks to Adam Cole. He tried firing The Bucks from the group. A plan was then formed to kick Adam out. During that time, Nick got legitimately sick, and then things got interesting. Cole told Marty that he poisoned Nick, and then the former lied to The Young Bucks and said Marty did it. They used a real situation and made an incredible story out of it. The latest episode of Being the Elite came out right after last night’s show and it explains in detail how the plan all came together. 

This entire saga has proven how great wrestling is when a fun plan comes together and works.  

If this was Cole’s sendoff from ROH and onto WWE/NXT, it was a great way to go. Marty gets elevated more than he already is, and just in time for New Japan’s Best of the Super Juniors. 

The Bullet Club gained a new, villainous member. The fallout from all of this, from Cole’s future to Scurll’s impact within the group, will be very interesting. 

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