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The Hardy's - Matt & Jeff (Bleacher Report)

The Hardy’s – Matt & Jeff (Bleacher Report)

The week of WrestleMania is a time for fans to be excited about the future. It’s also the perfect time for everyone to start freaking out about debuts and returns. Which brings me to my favorite question that has been asked for a month+ now: Will we see The Hardy’s in WWE soon? Answer: It might actually happen. Over the past few weeks, there have been small hints of a reunion between WWE and The Hardy’s. Since leaving TNA Impact Wresting as a result of contract disputes, Matt and Jeff have been on WWE’s radar. Keep in mind they have always been, but WWE has a better chance at grabbing the brothers now more than ever. Talks have apparently been heating up, based on several reports.


The last part of that tweet is a huge concern to have. Matt Hardy’s “Broken” persona has been one of the most refreshing things in pro wrestling over the last few years. Impact believes they have the right to the character, even though Matt has stated he came up with the gimmick. The company is stopping Ring of Honor (who the brothers signed a short-term deal with) from showing the gimmick on TV and PPV. The Hardy’s are scheduled to defend the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles against the Young Bucks in a ladder match at Supercard of Honor. That event will be on Saturday, April 1st at 6pm.

WWE may not be hiding the possible signing, or they are just trolling us all. They have recently tweeted out videos of matches available on the WWE Network (for only $9.99) regarding The Hardy’s. While it’s almost WrestleMania, the post was conveniently produced during the middle of some big rumors.


Need more evidence? According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), the deal is done. Pro Wrestling Sheet is also reporting that the two have been offered new WWE contracts. As the tweet above stated, Impact would have no chance of suing if The Broken Hardy’s gimmick were to come to WWE. Two questions to ask are: Will The Hardy’s actually use it and what brand will they perform in? WWE could just bring them back as a regular team, and the SmackDown brand could use some more talent. With more creative freedom on that brand, a Broken Hardy’s gimmick could still work. Imagine a Broken Hardy’s v. Wyatt Family match. You’re welcome. After their match on Saturday, anything is possible. The two brothers could appear on the Raw or SmackDown after WrestleMania, or maybe even NXT. They could also show up at WrestleMania! It is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan, and rumors like this are one of the reasons why. Stay tuned.

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