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Sarah Thomas To Become First Woman to Officiate The Super Bowl

Sarah Thomas is Officially The First Women to Officiate The Super Bowl:

Sarah Thomas takes charge and becomes the first woman to officiate the Super Bowl. Sarah Thomas is a referee for the American Football Official and has been doing this for the majority of her career. Sarah used to officiate college football games and while doing so, became the first woman to officiate those games. In a male-dominated career field, Sarah is breaking history by being the first woman and is setting new standards for the game. She is not afraid of a little hard work and putting herself out there.

Sarah would not let anything or anyone stand in her way of doing what she loves. Back in 2019, Sarah had an interview with CBS and she stated, “I’ve always said if you do something because you love it and try not to prove someone wrong or get recognition for it, the recognition probably just is going to happen.” Sarah’s hard work finally paid off when in 2013 the NFL recognized her outstanding performances, and in 2015 she got a full time position as an NFL official.

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