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Sasha Banks becomes WWE Women’s Champion as the women main event Monday Night Raw

The “Women’s Revolution” in WWE has had its ups and downs over the past couple of months. Fans of it appreciate the effort WWE has put into it, while some question the booking of the division. Last night, none of that mattered. The only thing to care about was two women who stole the show. In a male dominated industry, two women defied all of the odds and became THE main event.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte went to war one more time for the WWE Women’s Title on Monday Night Raw. To say it was a masterpiece was an understatement. Throughout the show, WWE did their best to get people interested in the match. They included a highlight video of their past starting from their days in NXT (another excellent job by the WWE production crew). Once the third hour approached, it was game on. This would be the first time women would be main eventing a Monday Night Raw since Lita and Trish Stratus fought in 2004. Yes, you read that right, about 12 years ago.

These superstars had a lot to live up to, but they easily delivered another Match of the Year candidate. One thing to look out for was Sasha Banks’ health, as its been known she has had a bad back for a while. We saw all of their old tricks, including some new ones. Towards the end of the match, Charlotte went up on the top rope while Sasha was outside. Normally she would hit a flawless moonsault, but this time she spiced things up a bit. Charlotte hit a GORGEOUS corckscrew moonsault onto Sasha.


Wow! That was not enough to put away “The Boss” though. Charlotte tried all she could, and her emotions perfectly summed up how desperate she was to retain her title. Sasha put everything on the line and you could clearly tell she wanted to be in the spotlight again. In the end, Sasha locked in the Banks Statement and once again Charlotte tapped. Sasha Banks became a two-time WWE Women’s Champion, fulfilling her dream (or destiny) once again.


These women put on a classic, and the fans appreciated their efforts. They chanted “main event”, “you deserve it” and “women’s wrestling” over and over as a sign of respect. Just like Lita and Trish, Charlotte and Sasha earned the main event and proved why. As the progression of respect for women in WWE continues to grow, so will these opportunities.

The Charlotte/Sasha has been a rewarding surprise. How can these women top last nights special moment? There are rumors that there is a rematch set for Raw’s next PPV, Hell in a Cell. Another rumor is that they will compete inside the barbaric HIAC structure. That alone would be worth the price of admission if it were to happen. As of now its only a rumor but lets hope we get to experience history in the making.

Sasha Banks is a champion once again, which is indeed best for business. More importantly, the #WomensWrestling movement is just getting warmed up. Buckle up, the ride should be something to look forward to. Now, lets get some more women main eventing WWE shows!

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