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Should the Jets sign Dez Bryant?

Dez Bryant is still one of the most talented receivers in the NFL.  He is also one of the most troubled receivers in the NFL.  That’s not a surprise, considering that a wide receiver is usually the biggest diva on the field, but Bryant is especially troubled.

Bryant has never been arrested, but he’s been in the news plenty of times.  From the questions surrounding his background during the NFL draft process (he stated that a few teams asked if his mother was a “whore”) to the alleged video of him beating up his mother in a Walmart parking lot, Bryant has always been the center of controversy.

On and off the field Bryant is the ultimate enigma.  He is equally parts frustrating and talented, using his skills to reach the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  Bryant is the all-time leader in touchdowns for the Dallas Cowboys, but has also disappeared in games and has dropped plenty of passes.  His catch against the Packers in the 2014 NFL Playoffs Divisional game was finally ruled a catch after four years of controversy, but it’s way too late to play that game over.  That game may have been the turning point for Bryant, as his production has dropped steadily every season since.

Whether it be his own skills diminishing, or a lack of continuity with Dak Prescott, Bryant just hasn’t looked the same the past three seasons or so.  The Cowboys cut Bryant in April and he has yet to be signed.  He apparently had a one year deal with the Baltimore Ravens but he turned it down, looking for a longer contract and a bigger pay day.  Could the Jets be that team to give him his money?

Bryant could be still be the number one option

Dez Bryant is a freak athlete.  He is equal parts Michael Irvin and Larry Fitzgerald.  He is a large, intimidating receiver who pushes smaller cornerbacks around and bullies his opponents after every catch.  He still has a lot left in the tank, as he has had games in the past few years where he takes over.

The Jets are coming into a new era, with Sam Darnold taken third overall and pinned as the future franchise quarterback.  A combination of Bryant and Darnold could be deadly, as Darnold has pinpoint accuracy and can get the ball exactly where Dez wants it.  Playing in the AFC could also give Dez a little more life, as the rough and tough NFC East was always a big test for Bryant.  Playing against softer competition (no disrespect to the Patriots) could help Dez use his size and strength and keep him on an even keel.

Bryant is the wrong answer for the Jets

The Jets already have a few big options at wide receiver.  They have Quincy Enunwa who is essentially a hybrid tight end/wide receiver.  They also have Terrell Pryor, who is coming into his own still as a wide receiver after playing quarterback for Ohio State.  The Jets could use more team speed than anything, and Bryant’s game does not mesh well with a higher paced offense.

In addition, Bryant is an absolute headcase on and off the field.  Realistically, Bryant has driven the Cowboys crazy for years and the only reason why he was there for so long is because of Jerry Jones’ dying loyalty to his players.  Any game that the Cowboys didn’t play well or Dez didn’t get enough catches, he would become a cancer in the locker room.

Todd Bowles may still be the coach of the New York Jets, but the problems the Jets have are organizational wide.  Between their draft picks crashing into cars drunk, or driving on the wrong side of the Lincoln Tunnel, or all the other controversy that the Jets have had the past few months, Dez Bryant should be the last person the Jets should bring in.  He’s not going to make those locker room problems go away, and he’s only going to exasperate the current issues.

In short, it’s a terrible idea to bring Dez Bryant into the fold because he is too volatile for the New York media.  He will be scrutinized for just about everything he does wrong, and he just isn’t cut out for the media.  One day, if he matures he’ll be a good addition but until then the Jets should stay far away from Dez Bryant.

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