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Should the Jets trade for Le’Veon Bell?

The short answer is obviously yes, but it’s a little more complex once you dig deep into the issue.  Le’Veon Bell is one of the most talented running backs in the National Football League.  It actually feels like an insult to call him just a running back because he does so much more.  He is the ultimate cheat code for a team.  He’s the modern day Boobie Miles.

In all seriousness, Le’Veon Bell is an extremely talented player.  However, he is a huge headache and is currently unsigned.  He’s not a free agent because he’s still technically a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but since he never signed his franchise tag, he’s not on the active roster.

In order for the Jets to trade for him, there’s an extremely complex set of circumstances that needs to come into play.  This can all be found here.  It would be irresponsible of me to try and explain the complex nature of this trade.  Anyway, if the Jets do trade for him, they’ll do so not being able to know if he wants to stay.  There are a lot of risks involved, but let’s take a look at the pros and cons of trading for Bell.

Bell will revolutionize Jets offense and re-sign with team

Le’Veon Bell, for the thousandth time, is a very special player.  So special that trading for him will open up doors the Jets didn’t even know were possible.  The Jets have two good running backs in Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell, but Crowell is a bruiser and Powell is a poor man poor man’s (yes I meant that) Le’Veon Bell when it comes to playmaking ability.

Having Bell in the backfield, refreshed after his hiatus from football, will open up the offense and will take a lot of the pressure off of Sam Darnold and the mediocre offensive line.  Bell is instant offense, so giving him lots of room to do his thing with screens, zone blocking, and wheel routes will make the rookie’s life a lot easier.  The Jets would only have to give up at BEST a 2020 third round draft pick.  Third round draft picks are a crap shoot, so it’s an easy decision to make.

Bell will continue to be a distraction and not re-sign with the Jets

Le’Veon Bell, for the thousandth plus one time, is a very special player.  However, he is also a headcase.  The whole reason why we’re talking about this is because Bell refused to sign a franchise tag with the Steelers, got into a public spat with some of “his” offensive linemen, and now is requesting a trade.  It’s completely understandable why he’s doing what he’s doing, but dragging your teammates through the mud is a way to make enemies throughout the league.

Bell may decide to be traded to the Jets, keep himself healthy the rest of the season by refusing to either play or fake an injury, and jet (pun intended) to another team that will pay him the big bucks.  Will the Jets be willing to pay him?  Absolutely.  They have all the cap room in the world.  The issue is whether or not Bell wants to re-sign with a team that is in a semi-rebuild with a rookie quarterback.

At the end of the day, this trade probably won’t happen.  Bell may wind up sitting for ten games then sign the franchise tag with the Steelers.  He may be traded to another team.  He may show up next Wednesday and report to practice.  Nobody knows what the next step is in this ridiculous saga.  All Jet fans know is that they would instantly become a better team with Le’Veon Bell.  Is it worth it though?



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