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Sixers: Who Is Staying, Who Is Going?

Jahlil Okafor (David Dow/Getty Images)

Jahlil Okafor (David Dow/Getty Images)


Who is staying and who is going?

Next stop on the train for Jahlil Okafor…..Los Angeles Lakers?  Nerlens Noel to the Boston Celtics?

With basketball season not in full swing yet, many rumors are circulating about trades. A top one is the Philadelphia 76ers on the train to trade their center (Okafor) to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are in rebuilding mode since Kobe Bryant retired, and Okafor would be a good addition to their roster.

Multiple sources have reported the deal between the 76ers and Lakers would leave point guard Jordan Clarkson here with a different site of brotherly love, with Philadelphia.

In another report, it looks like Nerlens Noel might be on the next train to Boston. He is originally from Boston.

The Philadelphia 76ers are looking to shake up their entire roster to have an elite team this year.

After the Number 1 pick in the draft, Ben Simmons, got drafted to the 76ers he was set with a top squad. The front office did an amazing job joining a group of Joel Embiib, Okafor, Noel and Dario Saric.

If you check out Noel’s twitter page, his biography is a little questionable to if he will stay or if he will go. “#BostonStrong – Former Kentucky Wildcat – Current Philadelphia 76er!!” The word current stands out to many as questionable. On his Facebook account, similar wording is on it as well.

The countdown begins to the start of the regular season…

Who will stay and who will go…

Let’s hope we are a step closer to making a run at the playoffs.

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