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Smosh and Twitch Join Forces to Stream Gaming Content

Two extremely popular entertainment platforms are teaming up for the good of gaming culture.

American sketch comedy YouTube channel Smosh is taking a variety of shows to livestream gaming haven Twitch. The goal of this business move, according to The Hollywood Reporter, is to re-engage those “familiar with its content” while also attracting brand new viewers.

Smosh co-founder Ian Hecox tells THR that Twitch’s audience base and “the way it’s so unique to other platforms” was largely in part the deciding factor for the executive choice. He explains, “People that are willing to watch something passively or interact a lot with people for a long period of time. That’s not something we have with any other platform.”

Smosh Vice-President Matt Raub adds that they intend to showcase more “slower-paced, tabletop, board game, RPGs” (role-playing games) content on Twitch. “A few years ago on the gaming channel we introduced a card game called Board AF that ended up becoming kind of an overnight success and it’s something that we never would have thought would have really fit.”

Board AF will make a move to Twitch with card and board games including Cards Against Humanity and Dungeons and Dragons. Party games like Quiplash and Triple-A video games such as Final Fantasy VII are also slated for inclusion.

There are currently 25 million individuals subscribed to Smosh’s YouTube channel. According to Statista, Twitch boasted approximately 7 million active streamers in June 2020. Smosh makes its official debut on Twitch on September 2 with a 6-hour marathon dubbed as a “subscribathon.”

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