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Source: GSP vs. Anderson Silva to Meet at UFC 206

Photo Credit: (L) GSP - (R) Anderson Silva -

Photo Credit: (L) GSP – (R) Anderson Silva –

Oh, please let the MMA gods make this happen.

A source close to the match up confirms that a super-fight between two of the biggest names in MMA, George Saint-Pierre and Anderson Silva, is close to being set to meet at UFC 206 in Toronto, Canada on December 10th. According to Wikipedia, the Toronto fight card has a TBA main event.

GSP told a Quebec media outlet Wednesday that he will be “making a big announcement next week”.

With both fighters reportedly in camp, the question rises as to what would be the catch-weight for this historical match up? Both former champions in their respective weight classes, GSP at welterweight and Silva at middleweight, have never crossed paths weight-wise. With age and recent weight cutting policies also being factors, it is less likely that Silva would be able to make less than 185. Meaning GSP would have to jump up to 185, the highest weight he has ever competed at.

Saint-Pierre, 35, has been on a 12-fight win streak since losing the 170-pound strap to former champion Matt Serra at UFC 69. He then won the Interim belt against Matt Hughes at UFC 79, before unifying the belts at UFC 83 defeating Serra in their rematch, regaining his position at the top of the division. GSP held onto the belt before vacating it at UFC 167.

Silva, 41, wasn’t as fortunate in recent years. The former Middleweight champion lost his title against former champion Chris Weidman at UFC 162, ending his streak as the longest title holder in UFC history. Silva rematched Weidman month later at UFC 168, which ended in a devastating leg injury. After healing up, Silva attempted to get back on a win streak in the octagon with a super-fight against Nick Diaz in January of 2015. After both got popped by USADA testing, the unanimous decision win over Diaz turned to a no contest. Silva then came up short to current Middleweight champion Michael Bisping in February and light-heavy weight champion Daniel Cormier, after he stepped up on days notice at UFC 200 in July.

Undoubtedly, it has been a long road for both of these MMA legends. To see them back in the octagon, healthy and after fully camps, would be a memorable sight to see but maybe a few years too late.

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