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Sports Gossip & Entertainment: JPP May Lose Out on Big Contract While Katy Perry Possibly Buys a Convent?

JPP injured hand in fireworks accident

Hey everyone ! I’m Pamela Michelle, your new gossip girl! Also the newest radio host to the Double G network with my show Sports Infusion. Everything written in this column is for entertainment purpose, sprinkled in with a bit of fact! I hope you enjoy what I’ve cooked up for you this week!


Jason Pierre-Paul (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Jason Pierre-Paul (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)


How many of you still have a Fourth of July hang over? Do you wish you had a do over? I know that JPP Does! You would like to think that common sense would win over, when making everyday choices. You would think a pro athlete wouldn’t risk their lively hood, for a few seconds of fun…Hmmm I’ve heard that line some where before,  but I think that’s a different topic for another time! Over the Fourth of July weekend, Jason Pierre Paul cost himself a 60 million dollar deal that the New York Giants yanked away from him on Monday. After JPP suffered a severe hand injury in a fireworks incident, it was inevitable the Giants would go this route.

Hey JPP you may want to sign a deal before you go playing with fireworks! Better yet, you may want to use some of that big money to hire someone to put on a kick-ass show! You may have very well screwed yourself, no amount of holiday fun is worth a few pretty colors!

Speaking of pretty colors, money, and entertainment. What do you do when you just added Super Bowl half-time show to your resume? How do you top that? If you’re Katy Perry, the next step is to buy a convent! That’s right guys and gals, the super sexy Ms. Perry wants to do just that! Katy was in talks with the archdioceses to purchase The Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The deal was hot but then went cold when the nuns researched who Katy Perry was, and opted to sell the property in Los Feliz, California to restaurant owner Dana Hollister. In a weird twist, just about 12 hours ago, there are claims that sister Marie Christine Munoz Lopez (with the help of a Spanish translator) doesn’t recall ever promising Hollister the property.

Stating her signature was forged on the papers,  the archdiocese claimed Hollister’s transaction lacked required approval from them.  This very well may have to do with the fact that Hollister was willing to pay a price of 10 million dollars (which only 100,000 had been paid), while Perry was going to make it to the tune of 14.5 million with 10 million being cold hard cash!

Did I mention in all of this that the property in question is valued at 4.5 million dollars?  One may question exactly why these two ladies are willing to pay more than double for the property. I’m personally pulling for Katy to win this battle. Only because the welcome home, and house warmer gifts would be on the lines of hysterical to interesting.

Imagine, entering the estate being greeted by a sign that reads, “You get me closer to God.”

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