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Super Bowl 39 revenge in store for Eagles?

At long last, the Philadelphia Eagles make the Super Bowl … and wouldn’t it be sweet if Gang Green could get some sweet revenge on the very same guy –Pretty Boy, Tom Brad—who 13 years ago marched the ball down the field twice in the first half of the fourth quarter to put up the 10 points that ended up leaving the Pats with a 3-point victory. This time around, there is no Deion Branch to snatch the ball away from a sure, Sheldon Brown interception and no Vinatieri to smash in the resulting field goal.

Super Bowl LII and the Line
The Eagles are underdogs once again. Not only were they barking dogs at home over the last two games, but they were 7-point underdogs in Super Bowl 39, and now opening as 6-point dogs, are the longest dogs at open since 2009! It should be noted that Sharps have jumped all over the Eagles and pushed the line down to as low as 4.5 points … so there is definitive action going on the Philly side.

As I said MILLIONS are getting dumped on the Philadelphia Eagles, but some of the “Proven” computer simulators are really liking a low scoring game. The outcome of a score less than 48 points is popping out of the computers over 60% of the time throughout the thousands of simulations. A large part of this has to be because of the Mean Green defense and the fact that Gronkowski is probably not being factored in as he is still on concussion protocol, but make no mistake … this won’t be a Gronk-less game.


The Matchup
These two offenses –season-long— are neck-and-neck. The Eagles averaging 28.33 points per game and the Patriots putting up 28.77. The only real argument Pats fans have over this is that the bulk of these stats come from Wentz. But, the counter would be the fact that Nick Foles just put up an all QB season-best performance for the Eagles against the Vikings in the NFC Championship game.

New England gets off just a little under 1 more play per game and has a slight yard per play advantage, 5.53 vs. 5.85. The Eagles hold the advantage in rushing yards and offensive time of possession. 128.94 yards to 113.11 and 32:42 over 30:25.

The Mean Green definitely holds the defensive advantage allowing just 17.33 points per game vs the Patriots 18.33. Neither of the defenses are anything to shake a stick at. But where the difference is really seen is in the amount opponents are allowed to move down the field. The Patriots average 111.22 rushing yards against and the Eagles allow just 79.06. The Patriots secondary allows 249.72 passing yards but the Eagles only allow 227.50 in a game like this, these averages could result in an extra field goal for the boys of Philly.

That said, the Eagles haven’t seen an offense quite as dynamic as the Patriots’. Not only is it a well-oiled machine of efficiency, it is led by arguably the most clutch QB in the history of the game and that guy who calls the plays is pretty good too. So, I believe this game is going to come down to a field goal or so on one side or the other. It is going to be a close battle.

Party Props
If thinking about the winner is too stressful, you can get in on some of the exotic SuperBowl prop bets to drop some added fun into your Super Bowl party and take your mind of the intricacies of the game! What color will Pink’s hair be? Will she omit a word during the National Anthem? How many times will Carson Wentz be mentioned during the broadcast? How many times will they put Gisele Bundchen on screen? Who’ll be mentioned first: Robert Kraft or Jeff Lurie? What color of Gatorade will the winning coach get dowsed with? You know … good, old fashioned frivolous fun!

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