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Super Bowl LIII: Why the Los Angeles Rams will win

It’s about that time folks.  Super Bowl LIII kicks off this Sunday with the New England Patriots facing the upstart Los Angeles Rams.  The Patriots got here the way they always do, with Tom Brady doing Tom Brady things and the Patriots defense stepping up in the playoffs.

As for the Rams?  Well it’s been a heavy dose of CJ Andersen, a less heavy dose of Todd Gurley, and the offensive creativity of Sean McVay that’s put Jared Goff in great spots to succeed.  On top of that, having Aaron Donald anchor your defensive line always helps things.  Here are three reasons why the Rams will win Super Bowl LIII;

McVay will outscheme Bellichick

It’s the battle of the two titans in the coaching world.  The former, a young genius whose offense has confused defenses and given the Rams a heavy advantage.  The latter, one of if not the greatest coach in NFL history and the greatest coach in terms of adjustments.

However, the Patriots haven’t seen an offense like the Rams yet.  Sure, the Kansas City Chiefs have a group of special players and a good scheme, but Sean McVay has a way to keep every defense on their toes in ways we’ve never seen before.  Look for McVay to confuse the Pats defense with crazy motions, trick plays, etc.  The Rams will pull literally every trick in the book to win, and they will succeed.

On defense, Wade Phillips has already beaten the Patriots multiple times with his defensive scheme in Denver.  Phillips will throw an array of exotic schemes at Tom Brady and make sure he’s uncomfortable all night.

CJ Anderson will continue his improbable run

No pun intended, but if the NFL Playoffs had an MVP, it would be CJ Anderson.  He tore apart the Dallas Cowboys, had a steady hand in the victory over the New Orleans Saints, and will continue that surge against the Patriots.

Anderson is the perfect compliment to Todd Gurley.  While Gurley is also an extremely physical running back, he hasn’t been fully healthy since the end of the regular season and has lost some playing time to Anderson.  After being on the street for most of the season, Anderson is making the most of his opportunity and has been a bulldozer.

With Anderson leading the way, the Patriots defense will wear down by the end of the game, opening up the door for Jared Goff, Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods, and the rest of the very talented Rams offense.  The Patriots have always been a bend but not break defense, but if Anderson can run enough to get those first downs and keep Tom Brady off the field, it’s going to be a long day for New England’s defense.

Tom Brady will be on his butt all game

If there’s anything that Tom Brady can’t stand, it’s being hit all the time.  Brady gets rattled if he doesn’t have proper time in the pocket to throw.  While he always gets the ball away in under two seconds, when he’s forced to hold the ball it can lead to a ton of trouble.

The front four of Brockers, Suh, Donald, and Fowler will cause headaches for the Patriots’ offensive line.  Tom Brady will be hit early and often.  He isn’t a mobile quarterback in the least bit, and won’t be able to hit his safety valve Rob Gronkowski or his main target Julian Edelman because of all the pressure.  Aaron Donald will make sure every hit counts.


The Rams will win Super Bowl LIII because Sean McVay will outcoach Bill Bellichick, CJ Anderson will wear out the Patriots defense, and Tom Brady will be under pressure all game.  If the Rams can capitalize on all those fronts, it’s a recipe for success.  If not, well then the Pats will win their sixth Super Bowl.

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