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How to Survive Football Season….Tips From Competitive Eaters

Football season is now upon us.  While football season means different things to different people, when game day rolls around on Sundays, fans of all teams unite around one thing: spending their day camped on the couch eating.

Having a strategy can be the difference between taking Tums or being able to go for a run.  Here are some helpful tips from competitive eaters on how to survive this season…

Stay in Shape:

Watching football and eating all day can be considered an endurance sport.  To survive the day requires fans to be in good shape.  Cardiovascular exercises also help overcome the psychological barriers of feeling full when faced with another plate of snacks or another game.


Baseball double headers are a good way to practice eating for an extended period of time.  Because there is much debate about if it is better to eat less or more in the days leading up to game day, it will be necessary to find out what works for you.  Some experts say eating less is better but others argue eating more gives you an advantage because its stretches your stomach.

Pick Your Technique:

Whether it the half time grazer or kick off coaster, it is important to come up with a strategy that you can sustain throughout the day.  It may take some experimentation, but once you have mastered your eating habits it is important to stick to them.

Plan What You Will Eat:

Experts agree that eating proteins during early games is best.  This should be followed by snacking on carbohydrates during the later games.  This will help keep your stomach fresh throughout the day.

Please use these tips wisely and safely eat your way through this season.

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