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Talks about WWE inducting Owen Hart into the Hall of Fame

Owen Hart may be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame

As mentioned last week, WWE is currently working on releasing a DVD/Blu-Ray set about Owen Hart.

Now, there are discussions, being had by WWE officials, about the possibly of Owen Hart being inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016.

There will always be a stumbling blocks in showcasing or celebrating the legacy of Owen Hart because his wife, Martha Hart, is, understandably still bitter, about the way that, WWE dealt with her husband’s death.

There have been interviews, lawsuits and years of separation between Vince and Martha since the late 90s. The relationship has never improved, due to both parties sticking to their guns. Martha feels like Owen had already had strong reservations, about being lowered into the ring, by a harness and grapple line from the rafters of the arena. He didn’t feel safe. He allegedly was being forced and could’ve been fired if he didn’t do it. Also, she felt that the Pay Per View, “Over the Edge”, continuing on was insensitive and distasteful to the death of her husband, that night in the same ring. Vince McMahon feels that he kept the show going because that’s what the fans and Owen would’ve wanted and the tribute show the next day was WWE’s way to pay homage to Owen.

If the Hall of Fame induction is seriously in discussion, I believe that it needs to be handled with care and WWE will have to really make Martha feel, like there was deep regret, with how Owen was taken care of. Also, to help her to feel, that they truly want to preserve his legacy and not just use his name for royalties.

I would love to see Owen in the Hall of Fame, but I can understand Martha Hart’s point of view in the situation.

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