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Thank you Bryan: WWE Network’s 24 Series

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan


This Monday night following Raw, WWE Network premiered a special on the retirement announcement of Daniel Bryan. This new episode of their 24 series followed Daniel’s night at Raw in Seattle on February 8th.

His backstage farewells to fellow superstars like Mark Henry, who was very vocal about Daniel Bryan deserving a push when he started his run with the company and Bryan never forgot that. They’ve been friend ever since.

The flashbacks of Daniel Bryan’s miracle moment at Wrestlemania 30 in New Orleans was great.  Bryan narrating the sequence of events during that unforgettable night. It started with the New Orleans crowd backing backing Daniel from the start of the ppv. The “Yes” chants filled the arena and the electricity was palpable as Bryan went into his first match of the night with “The Game”. Triple H commented that him and Stephanie had goosebumps hearing the huge pop that Daniel received during his entrance.

After his second match with Orton and Batista cancer patient and the first recipient of the Warrior award at the 2015 Hall of Fame Connor, was seated front row, and Daniel thanked him for his support during this intense night. To headline Wrestlemania was a dream come true for Daniel Bryan. In Michael Cole’s words this victory was the “Miracle on Bourbon Street”.

In a matter of weeks, Daniel got married, went on a honeymoon, his father died and then he was told that he would have to undergo neck surgery immediately. He relinquished his Heavyweight title right away. Daniel Bryan returned to action months later and won the Intercontinental title. This was great news because prestige was going to brought back to that championship. However, nagging injuries plagued Bryan and he had to once again relinquish his title in the ring.

After seeing several doctors and getting mixed diagnoses, it was confirmed that Bryan was not fit to wrestle anymore. This, of course, was devastating news, but Daniel knew that he couldn’t risk his health for the love of the wrestling business. With the help of Brie, his wife, he warmed up to thought of life after wrestling. The documentary panned back to Daniel backstage at Raw. You can tell that as the night went on, it became harder for him to make his way to the ring.

As he bravely went to say his last words to the WWE universe, Bryan took time to absorb the cheers from the crowd.Treasuring the moment to lock it up in his memory back forever. You could see all the wrestlers backstage getting misty eyed as they watched on through the monitors.

When Daniel concluded his speech, Brie came out to embrace him. Daniel raced backstage because he couldn’t hold his composure any longer and broke down. His emotions were of course, running high. Daniel is open to working with WWE in some capacity in the future, but in his own words, “the wound is too fresh right now”. The episode ended with several superstars thanking Daniel Bryan.

I truly enjoyed the documentary, if I had to describe the lasting impression that Daniel has when he thinks about his 16 year career, it would be…. GRATEFUL. As a fan, all I have to say is, Thank You Bryan!!

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