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The Cruiserweight’s have a chance to steal the show at WrestleMania

The Cruiserweight Title match could be an epic encounter, even on the pre-show

Since it’s inception, 205 Live was struggling to maintain its momentum from the Cruiserweight Classic. Whether it was a result of bad booking (mostly) or the time slot they were in, the division never got the respect it deserved. When Neville was champion, he elevated the title, even if it seemed like he was under-appreciated. Let’s not even talk about Enzo Amore’s run as champion, OK? After he was let go by the company however, a spark reignited a fire in the division.

Drake Maverick, the man formerly known as Rockstar Spud, was announced as the new general manager of 205 Live. His first act of business was to announce a 16-Man Cruiserweight Championship Tournament that would culminate at WrestleMania. Regular cruiserweight talent were involved, including a few surprises. Names like Tyler Bate, Roderick Strong and Buddy Murphy all got a chance to shine on WWE TV. In the end, both the heart and soul of the division will be represented at WrestleMania 34 in Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali. It’s a match that has potential to steal the show.

And yet, one can’t help but feel that there isn’t much buzz surrounding the match, and that’s a shame. Every bout leading to the finals were CWC-level matches, and the show was recharged. The main event of 205 Live became must-see TV on the WWE Network. Unfortunately, a match that was booked better than a majority of the matches on WrestleMania has been relegated to the pre-show. What went wrong? More importantly, should fans still care about the match? (The answer to the second question is an emphatic YES!)

For starters, it’s hard to tune people back in after multiple matches with the same contestants over and over. The time slot, after SmackDown AND the Mixed Match Challenge, did not help in the slightest. There has been a boost in views, which is always good. While the pre-show is not the ultimate death spot, talent of Alexander and Ali’s caliber would have thrived on the main show.

That’s not to say they won’t give it their all though. Pre-show or not, it is WrestleMania. An opportunity to shine under the bright lights is an opportunity most people only dream of. The match will be in their hands, and they will gladly prove people wrong in one of the biggest matches of both men’s career.

For fans watching the show, give this match a chance. I promise this is not the same division it was six months ago. A tournament like this had a chance to fail, but just like the cruiserweight’s do so well, it has taken flight. Regardless who’s hand is raised at the end, we all win. And that is what makes this so special.

An opportunity like this is what Ali and Alexander have been waiting for their entire lives. Whether they are on the main show or not, it won’t stop them from fulfilling their goal and tearing the house down.


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