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The G-Spot: Charlie Sheen’s Announcement Shocks Many, Or Did It?

As I sit here and begin to write my latest gossip piece there are many ways I could start. First, This weeks G Spot will be about Charlie Sheen.

He was born Carlos Irwin Estevez- September 3, 1965 the son of Martin Sheen  ( Ramon Antonio Gerado Estevez) and artist Janet Templeton.  I could begin by asking our readers, “Are you really shocked?” Or I may ask, “Do you have sympathy for Sheen?” The better question very well might be, how many people were not made aware that Sheen was HIV positive.

The last few years we’ve seen Charlie Sheen become a shell of himself. A cartoon type character, and a train wreck that some of us enjoyed watching watch. The sympathy question that I asked, mainly refers to Sheen’s once promising movie career. Can you deny how fantastic he was in Platoon, Wall Street or even how we loved Rick  “Wild Thing”  Vaughn.  Sheen quickly was carving a place for himself in Hollywood with a very diverse selection of movies.

After minor roles in tv and movies such as Lucas and Ferris Bullers Day off. Sheen was give the role that would open many doors for him.  In the 1986 Oliver Stone movie Platoon where he played private Chris Taylor. Some may not be aware that Oliver Stone was so taken by Sheen’s performance that he had him slated for his next project Born on the Fourth of July. The role however, eventually went to Tom Cruise.

After being told he was passed over for the role In the movie by his brother Emilio Estevez, and not Stone himself. Sheen never quiet forgave the direction. Sounds like it was the start of his Diva like behavior. Sheen has truly seen his share of ups and down in his career movie wise. Finally settling back on the small screen with his hit tv show on CBS Two and a Half men. He seemed like he was on track for the long haul. Sadly the departure between Sheen and the shows producers certainly made for great tabloid fodder.

It is said this was around the time where Sheen had learned he was HIV positive. Or that was what Sheen had stated  On Monday, November 16, 2015 Sheen sat down with Today show host Matt Lauer. “I wish I could blame it on that, it was more roid -rage this was on the heels of that, let me say, Yeah.”  

The Today show interview left me feeling the same as when I first heard the new the night  before. People are shocked and upset because America’s self proclaimed Live fast party boy is coming out as HIV positive. Sheen made no apologies for loving drugs, prostitutes and porn stars.  Sheen had told Lauer that after learning about his diagnoses he had disclosed to all his future sexual partner of his HIV status.  Something former girlfriend and porn star Bree Olson claims is untrue. Olson heard the rumors only a few days ago when it was on a few gossip sites. She told Howard Stern in her interview on Tuesday from Sterns New York Sirius XM Studio.  Olson angrily claimed “ He NEVER said anything to me. I was his girlfriend. I lived with him. We were together. We had sex almost everyday for a year.” Though, Olson did clarify saying they used lambskin condom, it was only to prevent pregnancy.

After the news of Sheen finally broke. Olson stated that she had received death threats and being named the source of who infected Sheen. That is very far from the truth she told Stern. In fact, after hearing about Sheen’s HIV status. She went in a panic to her local clinic in Indiana to be tested for HIV. Olson’s test came back negative. Olson said her relationship with Sheen was by far the stupidest thing she’s ever done. “I was f*****g crazy, absolutely I was.” She may have been crazy at the time, when she was taken in by Sheen and called one of his “Goddesses” but you can’t rewind past mistake. Olson should be grateful that she played Russian Roulette with the devil, and is able to live a normal life now.

As for Sheen, Do you feel bad? Does he really deserve to have your sympathy and be the new face of HIV awareness? There are still many strides we need to make in war on this virus. If Charlie Sheen has really turned over a new leaf, if he wants to raise awareness and do the right thing. He’ll be “winning” in a whole new way. We as people love a reformed bad boy, one who is able to take it on the chin, then use his mistakes to help others. Let’s all hope that is indeed the path Sheen will follow.

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