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The G-Spot: DiCaprio and Jeter Off The Market?

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis (Splash News)

Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis (Splash News)


Hey guys and girls! It’s your Gossip Girl, Pamela Michelle!

I have a question for the ladies. Did your heart sink this week? Within the last two weeks we have learned that Leonardo DiCaprio (40) is allegedly engaged to Sports Illistrated model Kelly Rohrbach (25), this has yet to be confirmed. DiCaprios camp is calling it “bullsh*t”. There still may be hope in that direction.
However, where the hearts of fangirl Yankee fans, even some men with man crushes to news that former Yankee captain Derek Jeter is now reportedly off the market! Yes ladies… after a three year courtship, Hannah Davis has done what many, many and yes many women who came before her could not. She has Jeter ready to say I do! Note… this column will provide the tissues if you are shedding tears! Unlike DiCaprio though , Jeter and Davis are not denying, but rather side stepping the rumor.
This gives more life to it may indeed be true!!!
Since this Diva is all about love. If both rumors are true or not, I wish both couples nothing but the best. After all, love is a beautiful thing!
That’s all for now! Check out my G-Spot next week! Till then, this is Pamela Michelle wishing you a gorgeous weekend!

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