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The “G Spot”: Former NFL Star Warren Sapp is In Trouble with the Law


Welcome to “The G Spot” which will be a weekly column all about gossip.  Of course, since this is a sports site, the gossip that will be featured here will relative to sports.  I’m truly happy to have been given this role as Double G’s Gossip Girl and I’m looking forward to dishing the dirt.  

Before I begin to get down and dirty and share all that’s going on, let me first share exactly what “gossip” means and illustrate the intent of this column.  Gossip is defined as “casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.” So with that being said, what’s reported here will be things I’ve heard through the grapevine, and I cannot attest to them being completely factual nor can I say what’s written here is completely false.  All I can say is that I heard it somewhere, and chances are where there’s smoke there is fire.  

This week’s dirt involves former NFL player. According to TMZ Sports and other sources, former NFL player, Warren Sapp has pled guilty in Vegas to an attack on his girlfriend.  Sapp is said to have “girlfriend and stomped on her head.”  Supposedly, Sapp had been charged with various counts but managed to cop a plea and some of the charges were dropped.  Sapp will now have to engage in domestic violence counseling and must perform 48 hours of community service.  The details of the incident are sort of gross actually, in that supposedly Sapp bit his former girlfriend’s finger, threw a margarita at her, and then proceeded to take her home and stomp on her head.  How nice?  Apparently Sapp wasn’t looking for her “G Spot” and since he’s doing some sort of time, it’s quite obvious he failed to have a fall guy.

Check back next week, when I share more delicious dirt here at “The G Spot” and include my take on all the gorgeous gossip.  Until then, this is Pamela Michelle, Double G’s Gossip Girl

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