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The Giants would be foolish to trade Odell Beckham Jr.

After a report by Josina Anderson that Landon Collins had cleaned out his locker room at the New York Giants’ facility and was saying his goodbyes to his teammates, Odell Beckham Jr. came out with a cryptic tweet that both frightened and confused Giants fans;

What exactly does this mean?  Does this mean that more moves are coming from the Giants?  Is Odell Beckham Jr. upset with Giants’ brass for refusing to re-sign their top defensive back?  Does he know something we don’t?

Regardless of what it might mean, it sets off red lights everywhere for Giants fans.  Clearly there’s a huge disconnect between upper management and the players.  After two less than stellar seasons, both fans and players alike are frustrated.  Getting rid of one of your best defensive players isn’t a hot start to the offseason.

If OBJ knows something we don’t, let’s hope it’s not that he’s traded.  The Giants would be making a grave mistake trading him now.  I’ve flip flopped on my opinion on whether to trade Beckham over the years, but at this juncture the Giants have some of the most explosive offensive weapons in the league.

Between Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley, and Evan Engram they have three of the top young players at their respective positions.  If they can somehow get a competent quarterback or if Eli Manning can turn back the clock for just one more year, they will be in position at least offensively for a big season.

Sure the Giants could get an immense return for Beckham but if they don’t have a dynamic receiver what difference does it make?  Saquon Barkley can’t do everything and regardless of how people feel about the Patriots never having a true dynamic receiver in their six Super Bowls, historically most Super Bowl teams have had them.  The Steeler dynasty of the ’70s, the 49ers of the ’80s, the Cowboys of the ’90s and Peyton Manning’s Colts all had at least one dynamic receiver.

It’s not a necessity but if Sterling Shephard is your number one option out wide it doesn’t bode well for a team that wasn’t able to score 30 points in a game for almost two full seasons.  The Giants need Odell Beckham Jr. headaches and all because he’s such a dynamic player.  Without him who knows where they would be.  He hasn’t proven himself in the playoffs but sometimes all it takes are a few tweaks.

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