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The Intricacies of Sport Court Line Marking

What is Sport Court Line Marking?

It is important for any individual to have a fit, active and healthy lifestyle and even today, sports play a crucial role in that. To this end, having a reliable and attractive court to play on can enhance this experience multifold. Research shows that apart from enhancing appearance, a sports ground which is clearly marked improves performance & coordination and increases enjoyment for all the players. Thus, it is paramount that the ground available is demarcated precisely. Because in many cases, due to a constraint in space or a facility, individual accommodation of courts for sports is not possible. Sport court line marking is thus the activity of marking the boundary and playoff lines on the sports court to properly denote its layout.

Why Is A Proper Selection Important And What Are Its Benefits?

There are multiple ways of sport court line markings. It all depends upon the surface, surrounding environment, government regulations and several other parameters. For example, PVC tapes are extremely easy and cheap to install but they are generally not recommended barring some temporary conditions because of their issues with durability. On the other hand, inlaid lines are an option only for a limited number of floors.

In sport court line marking, depending upon the surface of application, oil based, water based, or organic based acrylic or water-soluble paints are generally utilized. Companies who specialize in line marking products and equipment can assist in selecting appropriate and durable alternatives depending on field type and conditions.

Application Of Sport Court Line Marking

The layout of the sport court line marking need to be planned and mapped carefully to avoid any overlapping lines. For multi-sport facilities, color coding is generally recommended to prevent any confusion over the lines thus avoiding coordination problems. A Computer drawn layout over the field layout using any CAD software is recommended. The paint is first tested to suit the type of floor. Two-part polyurethane is often used as the paint for its durability. The use of special materials will guarantee a hard wearing and good-looking finish, whereas a good Skid Resistance Value (SRV) will ensure that the exercise area remains safe throughout the life of the court.

For wooden floors, sport court line marking paint is used which is then sealed with two coats of the specified sports lacquer. For polyurethane and vinyl floors, a two-part court marking paint is used which is then mixed with a hardener to achieve a very strong and durable finish.

Some Tips To Remember While Choosing The Sport Court Line Markings

  • Color coding is an important choice for the sports to be played. The most frequently used sports are marked out in white, followed by yellow, blue and red.
  • When marking on asphalt, new asphalt pavements need to cure for 7-10 days prior to the line marking
  • Do not paint in one go as it will result in cracking and curling of the lines’ edges. Application of paint in thin layers is recommended.
  • All lines for the sport court line marking should be masked to a high standard prior to painting and line widths must be in the variance of ~2mm of the recommended width.
  • It is an offence under the Environmental Protection Policy to use paints which can wash off into a roadside gutter, storm water drains and/or a body of water.
  • EPA also advises using environmentally benign alternatives for sport court line marking

Essentially, line marking of the court or area where the sport will be played helps in the graphing of it. This method is carried out diligently before every professional game.

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