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The Jets have become an absolute embarrassment

So maybe it wasn’t just Sam Darnold who was the issue when it comes to the Jets’ struggles. The Jets lost to the Bill’s on Sunday 41-10 in what can be described as one of the most embarrassing games in Jets history.

Never mind the fact that Buffalo started perennial journeyman quarterback Matt Barkley and the Jets made him look like Joe Montana. The most embarrassing part of Sunday afternoon was the fact that the Jets gave up by the end of the first quarter.

Nobody look interested, nobody tried, nobody cared. For a team that was already on life support, they did little to save themselves and even less to save their coach’s job.

The Jets were down 31-3 at halftime, yet somehow Todd Bowles came out to coach the second half. It has probably never been done before, but if the Jets management had any cojones, they would have fired Bowles at halftime.

How does a team fail to show up at home against a backup quarterback and a division rival? How is a team so ill prepared for a team with no star wide receiver and a quarterback who doesn’t even know his own playbook? It’s honestly impressive how bad the Jets were in the second half.

The players should be ashamed of themselves, the coaches should be ashamed of themselves, and management should be ashamed of themselves for letting it get to this point. This is a dark moment in a sea of dark moments for this once proud Jet franchise.

Something needs to be done immediately. If Bowles isn’t fired by the beginning of the bye week, Jets management is in way over its head. The pure lack of preparation warrants the firing, but add that to all the penalty issues, lack of flow on offense and underwhelming defense and Todd Bowles should have been fired last season.

The Jets may still have a bright future. They have a good young quarterback in Sam Darnold. They have exciting young players on defense like Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye. They have cap room to sign a Le’Veon Bell type player next season. However, if they don’t plan to address this horrible coaching, it’ll just be more wasted time.

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