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The Jets Need Fitzpatrick, But Organization Should Not Over-Pay

The New York Jets begin their training camp on July 27 and Ryan Fitzpatrick still has not been signed to a contract by the organization. There has been a lot of criticism to both parties throughout the summer. Some people say that Fitzpatrick has every right to ask for a lot of money while others say that the Jets would be crazy to pay him the hefty amount.

Here’s my take.

Fitzpatrick had an unbelievable year for the Jets last season. Statistically speaking, it was one of the best in franchise history for a quarterback. That is not even debatable. And the Jets should absolutely try to resign Fitzpatrick because he clearly works well in the teams’ system.

However, the Jets would be out of their mind to overpay for Fitzpatrick. The Jets have been searching a while for a franchise quarterback, but that does not mean they should overpay for one that has struggled to keep a starting job in the NFL just because he had one good season.

Fitzpatrick has played 11 seasons in the NFL. Out of those 11 years, he has thrown for at least 3,000 yards just four times (and one of those seasons was exactly 3,000 yards). In the 105 games that he started over his career, he has a record of 43-61-1. He has been over .500 in a season just once in his career (last year). Fitzpatrick has also only started all 16 games in a season just three times. And here is one more number for you, Fitzpatrick is 33 years old. He is not a franchise quarterback.

But like I mentioned earlier, he had an unbelievable 2015 season. 3,905 passing yards (a career high), 31 touchdown passes (a career high), 15 interceptions (a career low for a 16 game season), and a quarterback rating of 63.63 (yet another career high). He clearly had a career year.

But put last season into context. His wideouts were Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker who are both excellent receivers. He also had a strong running game with Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell. So in other words, he had a lot of weapons to work with offensively. He was also working under an offensive coordinator that he had worked with before in Chan Gailey so he was already familiar with the system.

Fitzpatrick is a “game manager”. In my opinion, a game manager is a quarterback that wins by relying on a strong running game, a strong defense, and doesn’t turn the ball over too much. Kind of sounds like the Jets from last year right?

With all that being said, it would be best for the Jets if Fitzpatrick is their quarterback next season. My argument is that the Jets should not under any circumstance overpay for him because he is not worth it. Give credit to Mike Maccagnan and his crew for not caving during all this time and criticism. A smart GM will not give major money to quarterback that is not great.

As the preseason gets closer and Fitzpatrick still doesn’t have another team to play for, he will lower his asking price and end up coming back to the Jets.

Fitzpatrick had as good of a season as he can possibly give you last season. It would be remarkable if he could duplicate that this season. But it is the only chance they have with their tough schedule this year.

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