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The Knicks release Enes Kanter

After making a drastic trade that dealt Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks, fans were waiting for the next bit of New York Knicks news to drop. While the team didn’t end up making another deal by the trade deadline, the Knicks have decided to release Enes Kanter. The waive comes after much speculation that Kanter would not remain on the roster by next season.

Kanter couldn’t Stay

Kanter was half way out the door.  He  is set to be a free agent this summer and re-signing him didn’t seem possible.  Chances were that if the Knicks were eyeing more superstars, they would not be able to keep him in a Knicks uniform. Most trade rumors pointed at Kanter being dealt to another team, likely the Sacrameto Kings or even the New Orleans Pelicans. However, moving his expiring contract seemed harder than expected, as the team was unable to complete an actual deal. Perhaps this waive was premature, as the team still could have used his rebounding prowess to their advantage. Yet, it seems that the Kanter and the team no longer fit.

Things just aren’t working out

Make no mistake, Enes Kanter is a valuable player. He is essentially a walking double-double who can secure the boards like only a few players in the league can. However, his one knack was his inability to play defense, something the team can find in its newest acquisition, DeAndre Jordan. Moreover, Jordan is equally capable of securing boards as Kanter. Quite frankly, the team doesn’t really need both. Moreover,  keeping both, won’t really help the Knicks’ latest mission, to tank in an effort to get a top rated draft pick.

In also can’t be discounted that Kanter wasn’t getting the minutes he needed. Coach David Fizdale was keen on giving time to Mitchell Robinson and even Luke Kornet, keeping Kanter a few spots down in the rotation. This lack of playing effected Kanter’s production in certain games, but he was still able to contribute in some way. This lack of playing time essentially solidified the fact that Kanter wouldn’t be staying. Simply put, the team didn’t think Kanter fit anymore, and it was beginning to show.

In Conclusion

Enes Kanter did what he could in New York. In his tenure in the Big Apple, the team never reached its full potential or gave him the opportunity to prove himself in the playoffs. Its likely that another team will pick up Kanter soon enough. In the meantime, New York will be moving on without the Kanter on their squad.

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