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The Magic In The Uniform?

So this holiday weekend the Subway Series team rivals the New York Yankees and the New York Mets will go at each other.  This is a battle that all baseball fans are used to.  Sometimes these series can be unpredictable because no one really knows who is gonna walk away with the win, simply based on how they are playing.  They are both New York beloved teams, with ‘fanatical’ fans on both sides who are used to this rivalry that is so unique to New York City.

Well the guys from the Bronx and the guys who play out of City Field do have something in common uniform-wise.  They both wear pin stripes although the Yankees have made this their world renowned distinctiveness, the Mets used to share the same style back in the 60’s.  So let’s just have some fun with it in the true spirit of patriotism as it relates to the significance of the weekend.   Since the red, white and blue are the colors that show the love for country, then maybe the magic in the uniform will easily give the victory to the team that represents.  Okay, so much for wishful thinking.  But then again maybe some representation can help seal the deal if that doesn’t work.

So here goes, the uniforms of both teams bear a lot of symbolism, home and away.  The Mets’ blue, orange, black and white mean something.  Orange represents the New York Giants from which they derive, the blue is for the Brooklyn Dodgers and they also show their love for their city by adopting the colors of the flag of New York, blue and orange.  However the Mets do have a variety of team uniforms.  On the road the guys can be seen wearing solid gray with blue piping with “NEW YORK” written in blue caps across the chest in old fashion style font.  In the 90’s black was also added as a part of the team colors.  In recent years the cream color and blue pinstripe became the home uniform sometimes.  Those uniforms however have the word “METS” written across the front; so no ‘repping’ of patriotism here for the Mets with their uniforms unless they do something different this weekend.

But how about them Yankees! The Yankees away uniform is gray with “NEW YORK” spelled out across the front.  The home uniforms are navy blue and white; the ones with the pinstripes of course that has the NY insignia in interlocking letters in blue. Seems like we’re getting closer to that patriotism spell! If that’s not leading anywhere, here’s the real bait. Whose primary logo has red all over it?  The one that dates back to the 1940’s with the Uncle Sam hat smack dab in the middle of it. Bingo! Looks like we’ve got a winner! Now if the magic is in the uniform this Independence weekend, then it is a no brainer as to who will win the series.  Having said all that in all seriousness it will not matter what colors either team steps on the mound in.  But guess what the Yankees have proven in the opener of the series?  They are gonna have this one.  They won; magic in the uniform maybe? But in the name of good fun and sportsmanship may the better team win it all.

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