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The Mets Need More Depth On Roster

Currently, if you look at the New York Mets depth chart, it seems a little empty and pretty different from years past. Looking up and down the roster, some familiar names are missing like Wilmer Flores and David Wright.

The current off-season has gone pretty well for the Mets so far, and it seems like the team finally has a foundation to build on. In my opinion, there comes a time in baseball when you need a clear start for a team; not a rebuild but just a way to get some new talent in and old talent out. The last few years, the Mets have really just gone with status quo and have avoided changing the team in a big way since the arrival of Yoenis Cespedes.

However, sometimes change is good and can allow for a fresh start which is something the Mets really need after the amount of losing they’ve done in the last couple of seasons. With David Wright officially retired (pretty much), both Flores and Jose Reyes off the team, and a solid closer the Mets have been able to check somethings off the wish list.

That doesn’t mean everything is perfect though, as the team still has a lot of work to do before becoming a big player in the NL East again. Luckily for the Mets, that is what the off-season is for and they still have plenty of time to hit everything on the checklist before next season gets underway.

Though I would’ve let go of Travis D’Arnaud and gone in a different direction with the catching position, I guess the team will address it in a different way or at a later date. Looking at the other positions though, I believe the team looks a little empty, especially in the infield as they could use a little bit of depth.

The best teams have a good bench to fall back on, this way they aren’t depending on their everyday players to never get a chance to rest a little bit. With both Reyes and Flores gone, the Mets need someone new on the left side of the infield when either Todd Frazier or Amed Rosario need a day-off. Right now all they have is Jeff McNeil to back-up Frazier.

Looking at available shortstops who would help sure up the Mets bench, one name that really jumps out at me is Freddy Galvis. He has a great glove and is also solid with the bat. For those who may not know the Mets were in some cases terrible defensively last season and Freddy would really help improve that weakness for the team.

Another place the Mets could use depth is in the outfield and even though some might point to AJ Pollock as an appealing piece, I’d rather the team find a way to bring some bullpen help, but I’ll get to that some other time. As far as the outfield is considered, with Billy Hamilton now heading to Kansas City, my second choice would be Gerardo Parra.

I know this might be an odd choice, but Parra has experience in all three outfield positions and has had limited playing time at first base; adding his solid glove to the mix he should be an appealing piece for the Mets. As far as the bullpen is concerned, I would be looking for some arms to take the pressure off Edwin Diaz and maybe bring in someone with previous closing experience like Joakim Soria or David Robertson and a perk would be they could close if Diaz isn’t available. In my opinion the Mets don’t need to spend big to make this off-season worth it, they just need to be smart with the money they have available and the way to do that isn’t by looking for bargains, but by being willing to pay for those who will fill team needs.

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