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The New York Hockey Rivalry Renews as Islanders Host the Rangers




It’s more than just a rivalry, it is part of the DNA of the Islanders. Tonight the Isles face the New York Rangers for the first time this season, and it will be the first time the Rangers visit the Barclay Center.

A lot has changed this season for the Islanders but being only a subway ride away from MSG only heightens this desire to win. The very first team the New York Islanders ever faced was the New York Rangers. It was a pre-season game at the Coliseum back in 1972. Every fan in the stands was cheering for their original six team, the rangers, it pushed the boys in orange and blue to prove they were the winning New York team.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs brought this battle of New York to new levels. In 1975, the Isles made their first trip to the NHL playoffs, facing the Rangers in a best-of-three first-round series. After splitting the first two games, the Islanders won Game 3, and the series, when J. P. Parisé scored 11 seconds into OT.

Again in the 1979 playoffs; the Rangers were victorious, eliminating the favored Islanders in 6 games and made their way to the Stanley Cup Finals. At this point in the Isles were known for playoff “chokes” after finishing first in the league during the regular season

Every year from 1981 to 1984 the boys met in the Playoffs; the Isles won each series by margins of 4–0, 4–2, 4–2 and 3–2 leading to 4 finals and 3 Stanley Cups. In the 90s, the teams met twice, with the Rangers winning 4–1 in 1990, and sweeping the Islanders 4–0 in 1994, which led to them winning their first Stanley Cup since 1940.

When players join the Islanders it is the games against the Rangers that ignite the passion of being part of a team with so much history. Journey back to 2014 at the Coors Light Stadium Series at Yankee Stadium. There was nothing more electrifying than seeing that contest on a bigger stage.

The Rangers are currently ahead in the standings with 36 points, leading the Metropolitan division, the Isles are behind with 30 points. Tonight at 8pm at Barclay Center we will see who the real New York team is.

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