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The New York Knicks and the temptation of Chris Paul

Point guard Chris Paul is one of the possible objectives of new Knicks’ president Leon Rose.

The New York Knicks has not been to the playoffs since 2013. As the NBA season was suspended due to COVID-19, fans of the Knicks were suffering as the franchise was not competitive. But there is hope that something could change for the future. 

Since Leon Rose took over as president of the team, there has been constant talk of a bright future for the Knicks. It still takes patience, as Rose has told fans several times, but ensuring that the Knicks will return to shine as they once were is a tall task.

Important news for the Knicks

Leon Rose has assured fans that New York will be able to count on the team’s seven first-round draft picks in the next four years and a large margin in terms of wage flexibility. Also, Rose wants to bring a leader to New York. The name is that of Chris Paul, the ideal player who can enhance a young team and talents such as RJ Barret and Kevin Knox, the latter a little in the shade in recent months. Chris Paul is leading the Oklahoma City Thunder, something no one expected this season. His move from Houston to the Thunder literally revitalized him. Leon Rose has already spoken about Chris Paul to the fans who, after years of suffering, hope to see the Knicks return to fight for the playoffs.

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