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The New York Media should leave Clint Frazier alone

This is going to be a bit of a scorching hot take but Clint Frazier shouldn’t be burned at the stake for not showing up for his postgame interview on Sunday night.  Frazier later spoke to media before the game on Tuesday and after the Yankees’ 4-3 loss on Tuesday night.  He certainly didn’t mince his words before and after.

Frazier should by no means be coddled for his actions, as he should have faced the music after making multiple errors in Sunday night’s loss to the Boston Red Sox.  However, Frazier did speak to the media eventually and although he didn’t apologize he did acknowledge that it’s still a work in progress.

Frazier also showed on the field why he’s such a dynamic player, hitting a moonshot home run to give the Yankees a 2-0 lead and drawing a walk in Tuesday night’s game.  After the game, shown above, he showed that he doesn’t need extra motivation to play well, although it was clear after the home run he was trying to prove something.

Too many times we put young athletes in the spotlight and chide them for every little thing we do.  Frazier absolutely made a mistake in not talking to the media as it turned a one night thing into a multiple day affair.  He knew he would have to answer questions regarding the “missed” conference and made it a bigger deal than it needed to be.

However, as media members we also need to realize that he’s also a 24 year old kid trying to make it in the Major Leagues.  He’s uber talented and has had many missteps along the way, whether it be his professional attitude or his defensive play.  His bat speaks for itself but he’s still a work in progress overall.  Once again though, instead of chewing him out for being outspoken we should at the least be applauding him for his honesty.

Frazier has been through a lot in his young career.  Multiple demotions, a complete lack of competency in right field and a lingering concussion that cost him an entire year of his career all play a part in his journey in the Major Leagues.  Let’s appreciate Frazier for what he is;  A much maligned talent whose bravado equally matches his talent.

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