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The Shattered Dream



As the two teams lined up at RFK Stadium, the field was the exact opposite of ideal. The two sides played on a cold and rainy Friday night with playoff implications on the line for NYCFC. The cold weather didn’t affect the team’s momentum one bit in the first half. The game started out in the best way possible for NYCFC, as Frank Lampard scored the first goal not even a minute into the game, the fastest goal in NYCFC history. From there NYCFC was dominant, with David Villa getting two good chances to put in two goals before halftime. Once off a find from Mix Diskerud, which he shot over the bar, and another off a beautiful find from Frank Lampard that he just missed the left post.

Then it became a tale of two halves for DC United. They dominated on the offensive side of the ball as well as being able to shut down NYCFC on offense. United’s breakthrough finally came in the 73rd minute, with Fabián Espíndola’s fourth goal of the season. Cutting in from the right, Chris Pontius fired a shot that forced Saunders to react quickly. Espíndola was quickest to react after the save, easily putting it in from 8 yards out. Andrea Pirlo had a chance to win the game in the 87th minute after the foul on Khiry Shelton, but he missed the free kick over the bar. DC had the chance of a lifetime to put the sword through NYCFC’s playoff hopes in the 89th minute, but Josh Saunders came up with a big save. A foul committed by Jason Hernandez led to NYCFC’s demise. The free kick given to DC United in extra time led to the end of NYCFC’s playoff hopes.

Because of the momentum NYCFC had and DC United’s inability to find a win in their previous three games, it looked as if NYCFC had a chance to keep their playoff hopes alive. Álvaro Saborío not only sent them packing, but his game-winning goal propelled DC United into the playoffs. It was a tough loss for NYCFC and this game will be on the minds of the team and it’s fans for some time to come.

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