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The Top 10 Most Impressive 40 Yard Dash Times at the 2020 NFL Combine

There is an old saying that goes; speed kills. There is also a saying that states if you are over 300 pounds, you should not be fast. It seems as if today’s athlete, no matter what shape or size they are, can absolutely turn on the jets if need be. The times posted for this year’s 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine were some of the most impressive, ridiculous and flat out ludicrous things I have ever seen. And sure, it would be easy to post the top 10 fastest times of the weekend and call it a day, but where is the fun in that? So without further ado, I present the top 10 most IMPRESSIVE 40 yard dash times at this years NFL Combine.

10. Albert Okwuegbunam: TE, Missouri

40 Yard Time – 4.49

To put into comparison of just how fast this is, Travis Kelce, who is considered to be the fastest TE in the NFL, ran a 4.63 40 during the 2013 NFL Combine.

9. Tanner Muse: DB, Clemson

40 Yard Time – 4.43

White DB’s who can fly>>>

8. Jonathan Taylor: RB, Wisconsin

40 Yard Time – 4.41

If you look closely enough, Jonathan Taylor, who is an NJ native, does not move his head once during his dash. Talk about form.

7. Devin Duvernay: WR, Texas

40 Yard Time – 4.39

Disclaimer: Tweet featured above shows Duvernay’s unofficial time of 4.40. The official time came in a 4.39.

6. Michael Turk: P, Arizona State

40 Yard Time – 4.70

Punters are people too!

5. Javelin Guidry: CB, Utah

40 Yard Time – 4.29

Imagine trying to create space off of this guy on Sunday’s.

4. Mekhi Becton: OT, Louisville

40 Yard Time – 5.11

Defying the laws of gravity.

3. Henry Ruggs III: WR, Alabama

40 Yard Time – 4.28

Henry Ruggs is going to be untouchable in space once he hits his stride.

2. Tristan Wirfs: OL, Iowa

40 Yard Time – 4.85 (Official)

I could watch this big fella fly for days and have four words of advice for whoever ends up drafting him. Open up the screen!

1. Isaiah Simmons: LB, Clemson

40 Yard Time – 4.39

It is almost impossible for an LB to run this fast of a 40 time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if Simmons wanted to, he could become a Pro Bowler at the LB position, the Safety position, the DE position and the TE position.

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Peter Snyder is an Intern sportswriter who covers collegiate athletics as well as professional sports.
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