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The UConn Huskies football team is a dumpster fire

The UConn Huskies suffered probably what was their worst loss of the season on Saturday. They lost to the equally bad Tulsa Golden Hurricanes by the score of 49-19. It was the worst loss of the season for two reasons; First, Tulsa stinks. Plain and simple they are a terrible team and the Huskies made them look like world beaters. Second, and more importantly, they didn’t show up.

Randy Edsall should have been fired after the game. There is absolutely no excuse for how the Huskies performed against an equally bad opponent. There’s nothing to justify an equally bad performance on both offense and defense. Not injuries, not sickness, nothing. Giving up 49 points to a one win team is despicable and every coach on the team should be fired.

The Huskies actually looked good in the first quarter, going up 10-0 and looking strong on defense. However, as they usually do they fell apart in the second quarter, giving up 28 points and putting themselves in a hole they couldn’t climb out of.

The only player who seemed to care the whole game was David Pindell, again. Pindell was an absolute stud, throwing for 232 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. He also led the team in rushing with 150 yards, on 23 carries no less.

It doesn’t matter because this team was going nowhere, but imagine if Pindell had some consistency around him? He’s had his bad games but he has consistently put up good numbers.

Randy Edsall needed to go and he needed to go long before this game. The UConn football team is exactly what you get when you have both a coaching staff and a group of players that just don’t care. They legitimately do not care. They don’t. This is ridiculous and if things don’t change by next week, everyone should be gone immediately.

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