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The World Series is back where it belongs, New York City

Citi Field/Daily News

Citi Field/Daily News

It may be in an unlikely venue, a new borough, and an impossible setting, but World Series Baseball is back in New York, but this time it’s a little different.

There will be no monument park, no bleacher creatures, and no navy blue. There will be no 314 in right field and 318 in left. There will be no Derek Jeter chants, no Bob Shepard announcement, and no white interlocking NY.

But there will be an interlocking NY but it won’t be white on top of a navy hat, it’ll be bright orange on top of a royal blue one. There will be pinstripes, but not Yankees pinstripes. There will be cheers, chants, and boos, but all of these will be coming from somewhere else. Queens.

The New York Mets have surmounted all odds. In a National League dominant season, the Mets are the team that will represent the in the World Series. The Cardinals? Cubs? Pirates? Nope. The relentless New York Mets, and Daniel Murphy of course.

Their might not be any cheers from the Bronx, but there will be plenty of talent, flame throwers, and power coming out of Queens in the next two weeks. The first ever World Series games in Citi Field, and the first time the Mets will be in the Fall Classic since 2000. Yankees and Mets fans both know how that turned out.

New York City is home to 8.41 million people. It is a city that never sleeps, and now it has another reason not to. The Mets are back in the Fall Classic, and boy do they deserve it. Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, the line goes on and on. With Murphy record red hot, Cespedes and Granderson looking like superheroes in the outfield, and a captain at third base that is way over due for this moment, the Mets are ready.

The X-factor in this series? Well you better believe it’s a young man out of Oregon State, Michael Conforto. If Conforto can produce, and Duda can put together some quality at bats, New York City might be looking at more than just a World Series, but a parade to go along with it.

In a city as big as an empire, with hot dog stands on every corner, 26,000 people living in every square mile, and five boroughs, baseballs biggest stage is back where it belongs, New York City.


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