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We have all heard the rumors. Whether it’s been from analysts who claim they know somebody on the inside or just logical foreshadowing, many think LeBron James’ days in Cleveland are numbered. Numbered to the point where we can count down the days starting from now until next June.
But whenever trade talk or free agency moves are brought up this early, its usually all just rumors, right? Not this time.
The past few weeks have told a tale that many (including myself) have not wanted to admit was true. Simply put, here are three obvious reasons why LeBron James will not be in a Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey for the 2018-19 season.
#3. Twitter Defense 
What was the first topic discussed as soon as the news leaked about LeBron James wanting to punch Kyrie Irving? Or when GM David Griffin was initially let go? It was LeBron coming to the defense of these topic matters on Twitter. Whether it was a tweet rescinding the beef between him and Kyrie, or a tweet celebrating the time he had with David Griffin, LeBron comes to “Twitter Defense” immediately. This is, of course, when something is either fabricated that LeBron disagrees with, or their is a mood he doesn’t want people to think he agrees with.
Multiple sources this week profoundly said that LeBron will be leaving next season, simply because the relationship between himself and the front office cannot be repaired. What was the response? Crickets…
Maybe he just didn’t get around to defending it yet? Think again. Some things are better left unsaid. A.k.a “Cleveland, it’s been real.”
#2. Home is Where you “Call Home”
Many looked into a Twitter conversation between LeBron and Jamal Crawford as a subliminal sign that LeBron was getting us acquainted with the most likely future. He responded in a tweet saying he needs to come and see Jamal, next time he is “Home” in L.A.
This absolutely should raise serious speculation, and should be a sign that James is trying to tell us something. Nobody refers to a place as “Home” unless their is some kind of truth to it. Maybe its just a second or third home right now. That can easily flip flop by next season, and knowing LeBron’s IQ on the court, I think he is subliminally telling us something off of court.
#1. Relationships are Everything!
This entire summer has been about the passive aggressive and now toxic relationship between LeBron and Kyrie Irving. This seems to be sparked by Irving’s need to be traded somewhere else for a fresh start. Please tell me were not naive enough to think that is the brunt of it? After the success these two men have had with one another, something else must have happened. But what? Maybe a personal disagreement shortly after losing to Golden State, which then turned viral on social media? Whatever it was, relationships are literally everything in todays NBA. If two players do not want to play with each other, then they simply don’t have to and wont for much longer.
While on the topic of relationships, lets briefly touch on the most important relationship in this entire next year for LeBron. I’m speaking of course of Ervin “Magic” Johnson. From the moment Magic took over the reigns as new Lakers GM, we immediately put the idea of LeBron in a Lakers Jersey as a possibility. Why was this such a knee jerk reaction? Simply put, there is a relationship and more importantly a mutual respect between these two men, really since LeBron won his first two championships in Miami.
Magic will be able to construct the perfect team around LeBron and he knows that. Why is this? Because who would know how to make LeBron James more successful, other then his Hall of Fame counterpart? We have been comparing the games of Magic and LeBron for more then a decade, and will continue until the day he retires.
Magic Johnson not only has LeBron James’ respect, but his attention as well. There is a trust between these two men that cannot be matched by anyone else in the league. For all things considered, lets try to enjoy this season with LeBron James in a Cleveland uniform, and understand that all good things unfortunately come to an end.

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Sam is a College Basketball Analyst here at A former Division II collegiate basketball player himself, Sam is the broadcast personality of Queens College Sports Network "QCSN"
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