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TNA reportedly up for sale, WWE a potential bidder

There has been a running joke for years that TNA is close to going out of business. Many believe that WWE would buy their competition like they did WCW. With the reports that there has been a bidding war for Impact Wrestling, that joke may become a reality.

New TNA President Billy Corgan is working his best to keep TNA under his control (net worth of $40 million). It helps that multiple talent within the company are begging for him to become the new owner. He will have to try really hard if he wants to keep TNA alive. Corgan’s worth reportedly wouldn’t fix all of TNA’s problems (many as a result of Dixie Carter), feeding into the theory that another bidder is closer to obtaining the company. Among the many bidders for a potential TNA sale like Sinclair, there is a huge rumor that Vince McMahon has put his name in the hat.

TNA’s talent have been left in the dark over what will happen to the company or themselves. With just a few days until their Bound for Glory PPV, there are those nervous about their status. According to Wrestling Inc, flights have been cancelled to Orlando as talent don’t know TNA’s plan. It may very well be a cost cutting measure as well. Overall, it is not a good look.


According to Forbes, WWE is playing a skilled game of chess in regards to the sale. They are willing to wait until the last minute to get a deal done. WWE see’s this as an easy opportunity and will take all the time they need to get what they want. If TNA needs funding, that would be the perfect opportunity for WWE to swoop in and make their move. Due to the recent actions as stated above, it is believed that its only a matter of time before something happens.

It is no secret that WWE has brought over talent from TNA to succeed in NXT and the main roster (Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, A.J. Styles, etc). If they were successful, the company would be interested in gaining access to the TNA library, obtaining several archives that could be used for the WWE Network, among other things. It is unknown what would happen to all of the talent, but WWE is interested in some. Matt Hardy, now under his #BROKEN persona, has gained an extreme amount of interest from WWE. Who knows who else they see as an asset.

For the first time, there is a legit concern about the future of Impact Wrestling. If Corgan was to get the job done, TNA will look to thrive for years. The next few days/weeks should be entertaining for fans, but nerve racking for talent and personnel. WWE may be involved in another historical moment, one that could shake up the wrestling industry once again. Maybe things will be clearer this Sunday. Ays they say in pro wrestling, anything can happen.

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