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Top 3 Must Watch Knicks Games Before The All Star Break

So the NBA schedule for the 2011-12 season was released earlier this week and the Knicks are back on the big stage. With 29 nationally televised regular season games the whole country will have a chance to see the Knicks play in over 30% of their games this season.

Lets look ahead and highlight some of the must watch games before the All Star break for the Knicks. This is of course assuming that the NBA season starts as planned where if not most of these games would be erased from the schedule in a shortened season.

The first must watch game before the All Star break is a no brainer for me, it’s the season opener at home against the Miami Heat on November 2nd. For opening day every team has hope and the long wait of the offseason only adds to the anticipation of games being played, this will hold even more true with a very possible lockout.

I was able to go to opening day at Yankee Stadium last year with my internship and the electricity in the air could not be described and yes I realize that had something to do with the ring ceremony. The game will also be broadcasted on ESPN so the whole country will get to see the Miami Heat after coming off of their finals loss. This game will easily have tickets going on Stubhub and eBay for over 200% of the face value. We get to see two of the best teams in the East go at it in the Garden. Carmelo, Amare, Wade, Lebron and Bosh to open the season, whats not to like.

An early season matchup with Blake Griffin and the Clippers is a Must Watch.

The second game in some ways might have more intrigue than the first game. It’s Carmelo Anthony’s return to the Pepsi Center as the Knicks face the Nuggets on November 16th. It’s interesting to see how the Nuggets fans embrace Carmelo while he gets introduced. I say that he’ll get a mixed reaction as Nuggets fans will realize he was a great player for the city but also realize that he forced his way out of Denver for the bright lights of Broadway. The game will be somewhat bittersweet for Knicks fans as well as we get to see former Knicks Gallinari, Mozgov and possibly Wilson Chandler if he re-signs in Denver.

Now the third game is a bit of a harder pick. I could go the obvious route and say the Knicks hosting the champion Dallas Mavericks. Or I could go the predictable route and say the Knicks hosting the Boston Celtics on Christmas day. But I’m gonna go with a little unorthodox route and say the Knicks at the Los Angeles Clippers on New Years Eve. I can say I’m going with this for two words. Blake Griffin.

What Griffin did to the Knicks last year in the Staples Center was remarkable. He put together a months worth of highlight plays in one game. It will be interesting to see how improved this young Clippers team is this year and if Blake can put on a show again. These three are must watch games but like a lot of Knicks fans I’ll look forward to all 82.

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