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Top 5 Most Underrated Wrestling Moves

From the first appearance of wrestling show in 1960’ people have been stoked by realistic moves that these performers do. As the concept evolved, professional wrestling became a showdown of athletic moves covered with a layer of theatricality. Soon everyone started to love wrestling and it became more popular in America, Europe but also in other countries until it became a well-known entertainment show worldwide. Moves that these athletes perform are complex and hard to master, but when a professional wrestler starts to use a particular move they become known for it. Although there were many moves along the way that look amazing when performed correctly there are those with higher entertaining potential as well. These underrated moves are actually worth studying and mastering. Here a list of most underrated wrestling moves ever.

The Infamous Arm Drag


Starting off with Sami Zayn’s signature move the arm drag, this one isn’t a joke at all. The point of it is to look for an opportunity in wide stances and try to go for the arm lever technique. The simple variation includes locking the opponent’s arm, by applying pressure on the elbow, in order to immobilize. Now Sami Zayn made it even better, with switching around the opponent and fainting the first grab, in order to make a momentum and attack opponent’s other hand to maximize efficiency.

The Flapjack

Edge knows the deal, and by implementing this amazing technique in his moves list, he made it into his specialty. Every wrestler has signature moves, and this one is no joke either. The goal is to allow the opponent to make the first move then countering with a standard wrestling stance. As he loses the momentum, the idea is to let the inertia of his moves do the job for you. By fainting the wrestling stance, you’ll be able to let him fall straight to the ground without moving a muscle basically. It’s one of the easiest ways to tackle the opponent while saving energy.

Paige’s Headbutts

This one is a classic wrestling move that can do a lot of damage. It’s Paige’s signature move and is really easy to perform. And being that there are no rules like those in MMA that exclude this move from list of allowed finishers, it’s legit as well.  As everything in wrestling the idea is to look for an opportunity to catch the opponent off the guard. That’s why this move is great for combos and ensuring domination over the opponent. Catching stunned or already shaken opponent is the best way to approach. And then it’s only a matter of wrapping hands around the head or pulling the hair in this case, and slamming with a headbutt. Easy to perform, yet highly effective at knocking them down.

The Undertaker’s Dive

Everyone knows who the Undertaker is, and if they don’t, they soon find out. Undertaker is one of the most iconic professional wrestlers in WWE history. His recognizable entrance in the ring is truly theatrical and according to entertainment standards of this show. However, that’s not the only thing he’s known for. Undertaker’s dive can easily be the most underrated move. By leaping onto the opponent over ring’s limit, he tackles anyone unfortunate enough to be on the spot. The move is rather easy to master, yet a devastating one. But being that these guys don’t mess around when it comes to safety gear, no one gets really hurt. Being that safety comes first, it’s important to acquire quality wrestling shoes for comfort and efficiency of moves as well as other crucial equipment in order to perform well in these acrobatic maneuvers.

Nakamura’s Knee Strike

Every professional fighter, whether already a champion or wrestler fighting his way up to the belt, should be wary of this devastating move. Punching force compared to that of a kick is almost harmless. In professional wrestling or UFC, every move is calculated to maximize results. Nakamura is known for his patience and skill to find that hole in opponent’s guard. His signature move? It’s the flying knee of course. The idea is to go for it when a fighter is stunned or caught off guard. One there’s an opportunity Nakamura strikes with viscous knee strikes mostly to the head and neck area. This move is the deal breaker. It takes patience and accuracy to perform it, but once it lands the opponent’s fate is mostly cealed.


No matter how you look at pro wrestling and entire WWE, these moves are a sight for the sore eye. The whole idea is to make them appealing and awesome. That’s why wrestlers train their entire lives to perfect these moves and to minimize the damage done without losing form. As these moves are no joke, pro wrestlers need to make sure they don’t go full throttle with kicks, punches, arm or leg grips. They also know how important it is to get the right equipment. So taking everything into consideration, including theatrical aspect of performing these WWE moves, some of these moves can be devastating but also fun to watch.

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