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Train like the Pros! 7 Professional Football Workouts You Can Try for Yourself

Do you want to try pushing yourself more during your fitness routine? If so, click here for 10 professional football workouts you can try for yourself.

Are you the type who’s always looking to push yourself during your workout? Are you always looking for new challenges to add to your gym routine? Ever wondered what it was like to train like a pro athlete, maybe a pro football player?

If you’re looking to up your game, then this football workout is perfect for you! Pro football players swear by these football workouts, which are a regular part of their exercise regimens. To increase your strength, power, and overall fitness, add some of these exercises to your regular routine. 

1. Box Jumps 

Box jumps are the ideal exercise for increasing your explosive power and stability. They work the legs, the core, and the back.

If you have access to boxes made for box jumps, start with a smaller box. One between 12 and 18 inches should be good. If you don’t have access to box jump boxes, you could do box jumps at your local park by jumping up onto a bench. 

Start by bending into the knees not quite as low as a squat. Then tighten your core and explode through your feet and legs to jump up onto the edge of the box or bench. Sometimes swinging your arms down beside you gives you more momentum for the jump.

Once you’re on top of the box or bench, quickly hop back down, and repeat the jump. Do 10 box jumps, rest, and then repeat for 4-5 sets.

2. Dumbbell Push-up to Rows

This exercise adds a challenge to traditional push-ups. All you need is a set of dumbbells. Choose a weight that you would be comfortable lifting for multiple sets. 

Holding the dumbbells in each hand, get into a traditional push-up position. Lower down and then push back up. While you’re in the raised position, lift one dumbbell until the dumbbell is parallel to your body and your elbow is bent behind you.

Slowly lower your arm with the weight until you’re back at the top of the push-up position. Then lower down, push back up, and repeat the row with the other arm.

Do 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps, resting between each set. 

3. Squat Jumps  

Squat jumps are another way to increase your explosive power. And they’re great for building muscle in your legs and increasing stability in your hips. 

Start in a low squat position. From there, explode through the legs to jump into the air. While you’re in the air, pull your knees to your chest with your core. As you land, lower back down into the low squat position. Repeat without resting.

Do 4-5 sets of 10-15 reps, resting between each set. 

4. Weighted High Knees

High knees are a great way to build speed and agility. This variation adds an extra challenge that also helps build muscle in the legs. 

This exercise does require ankle weights, so make sure you have some at home or head to the gym. Strap on some ankle weights, choosing a weight that allows you to do multiple reps and sets without exhausting your muscles.

Lift one leg so that your knee comes to a 90-degree bend. Then as you lower that leg, explode off the other leg to bring that knee to a 90-degree bend. Repeat this motion, bouncing from one leg to the other without resting between sides.

This exercise ends up looking like running in place, but with your legs coming up much higher. 

This exercise can be done in reps or for time. If you’re doing reps do 3-4 sets of 20-30 reps. If you’re doing for time, start with 30 seconds at a time and build up to a minute at a time.  

5. Planks 

Planks are the ultimate body-weight core workout. Though the exercise is simple, it’s still a staple for all professional athletes and fitness professionals. For maximum effectiveness, add multiple styles of planks to your regular workout.

Start with a regular plank. Place your forearms on the ground. Lift the rest of your body so you’re balancing on your forearms and the balls of your feet. Engage your core and hold this position for one minute.

Rest and then repeat for 4-5 sets.

Side planks are a variation on the plank that adds extra work for the obliques. Lie on your side. Push up to rest on one forearm. Then lift your legs off the ground by pressing into your feet. Engage your core and your obliques and hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute.

Rest and repeat for 4-5 sets. 

6. Russian Twists 

Russian twists are another amazing exercise for your core and your obliques. This exercise can be done with just your body-weight, or you can add a weighted ball for an extra challenge.

Sit down with your knees bent up in front of you. Start by holding your arms out in front of you. From there, engage your core and twist to the right. Reach down and touch the floor. Raise your arms up back through the center, then twist to the left and touch the floor. 

Repeat without resting between sides. Move from side to side as quickly as possible without losing the form of the exercise.

This exercise can be done for reps or for time. If you’re going for reps, do 4-5 sets of 10-20 twists. If you’re going for time, go for a minute, rest, and repeat for 5 sets. 

7. Burpees 

Burpees are the ultimate total body workout. They increase explosiveness, build muscle, and work pretty much every part of your body.

Start by jumping from a standing position. When you land, plant your hands on the ground and kick your legs back so you’re at the top of a push-up. Lower down to the bottom of the push-up without touching the ground. Push back up, then jump your feet to meet your hands. Straighten up and jump high again.

Repeat the whole exercise without resting in between. This exercise can be done for reps or for time. If you’re doing reps, do 15-20 burpees, rest, and repeat for 5 sets. If you’re doing for time, do burpees for one minute, rest one minute, and repeat for 4-5 sets. 

Taking Care of Your Body

Always remember to take care of your body when adding tough exercises like this to your regimen. To build muscle effectively, you’ll need to stretch before and after each workout. So, make sure to give yourself time for that when you’re planning workout time.

Also, make sure to properly hydrate before, during, and after workouts. Eating properly to fuel your workout is also essential. 

Using Football Workouts to Take Your Game to the Next Level 

Adding these football workouts to your regular workout routine is guaranteed to take your fitness to the next level. But these exercises definitely aren’t for the faint of heart! You have to be willing to work if you’re going to add these to your regiment. 

If you’re tough enough, it’ll be worth it. 

For more tips about taking your workout to the next level, check out the Health and Fitness section of our site.

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