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Triple H Post NXT Takeover: The End Facebook Interview



Fans were in for a jam packed night. Not only did we get to see one of the best Pay Per Views of the year, but after the show, Triple H gave us a special treat. Conducting a live interview backstage at 10:15pm, he gave us an insight in what to expect in the next phase of NXt.

Triple H started off this interview by establishing that the building and forming of NXT is over and the brand is here to stay. The debut of Adrade Cien impressed him, he wasn’t too crazy about the hat he wore but thought Adrade mad a great first impression.

Hunter thinks Cien has a great look and that Tye Dillinger is an underrated wrestler and he brought it tonight. Hopefully this means that Tye will get a better push after this matchup.

The surprise appearance of Hall of Famer Paul Ellering was not something that Triple H was in on( he might have to talk to William Regal). Whatever they’re going to do with Ellering, I’m 100 percent behind. It’s time for the old school mangers to come back!

Hunter put over the phenomenal  Austin Aries and Shinsake Nakamura bout. They are proving that Indy or international talent can make it in the NXT system and get the right push.

He also sang his praises of Asuka, who retained her title last night against the bulldozer that was Nia Jax. Triple H promises that the women’s division is going to have some interesting transitions, real soon. That will be exciting to see.

Samoa Joe had to go through a time when he was transitioning from the Indy scene to NXT’s brand of wrestling a few months ago. He needed a little time to get into his groove ,but Triple H sees that Samoa is staking his claim, as the big dog in the NXT house.

It was nice to see the COO of WWE and the man behind the success of NXT spare a few minutes, to shed some light on what the fans can expect in the future of NXT. After this amazing PPV, I can say that I am amped up for this summer of fun that NXT will deliver!!

To check out this interview go to the Paul “Triple H” Levesque Facebook page!!

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