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UConn Huskies defense setting records……for all the wrong reasons

If this season wasn’t bad enough for the UConn Huskies football team, they just lost 55-21 to a 2-7 East Carolina Pirates team.  Yes that’s right, they lost by more than 30 points to a 2-7 football team.  The same 2-7 football team that averaged only 23.2 PPG throughout the season.

The UConn defense makes immortals of men.  They make the most mediocre offenses look like the Kansas City Chiefs.  The complete incompetence that these young Huskies show is on another level.  It’s not that these kids don’t care (although most of the time they look like they don’t care).  It’s that the system doesn’t work, they’re completely outmanned, and there are about eight guys that shouldn’t sniff the field.

Let’s put it this way;  The UConn Huskies defense is in danger of giving up an average of 50 points in a season, a feat that no team has accomplished in over 20 years.  In addition, the Huskies will set the record for the most yards given up in NCAA HISTORY.  The same NCAA that’s been recording stats for over 80 years.  The same NCAA that has had some HISTORICALLY bad teams.

UConn is the worst of them, and have already set the record as they’ve given up 6,893 yards in 11 games.  Their average is 626.6 yards per game, also an NCAA record.  It’s impressive how bad this team is.  One day, when people our age have our grandchildren on our knee, we’ll speak of how bad the 2018 UConn Huskies defense was.

There’s no point of even going through the stats at this point because they speak for themselves.  When you’re the worst defense in NCAA history, there’s not much else to be said.

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