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UFC 202: Time for Conor McGregor to put up or shut up

The moment we have been waiting for is FINALLY here. It’s the rematch everyone has been talking about, mainly because Conor McGregor won’t keep his mouth shut. McGregor vs. Diaz II, this time with the proper amount of time needed to prepare. It will be a war between two trash talkers who love to fight.


This Saturday, it’s more than just a rematch. After months of nonsense, this will hopefully be put to rest under the bright lights of Sin City. The T-Mobile Arena will look to contain the storm that is about to reign down on it.

Since beating Conor at UFC 196, Nate Diaz has done all of the right things. He wants to face all challengers and wants to move up in the company after facing Conor again.  What he’s been doing is better compared to Conor creating a circus show. I’ll be honest: I was a true Conor McGregor fan at one point. He is exciting in the octagon; Conor provides a spark not seen before. The way he has been acting since the UFC 200 incident has made me lose a little bit of respect for the Irish fighter.

The UFC could use a cocky fighter like Conor in the octagon. However, once you defy the people that write your paycheck there is an issue. He wants a trilogy, but will McGregor even make it past the sequel? Instagram posts and press conferences are one thing, but can he prove to himself he can walk the walk? His loss to Diaz should not define who he is, but he’s making it hard to reason with his “logic”.

Win or lose, McGregor needs to get his priorities back and defend his Featherweight Title. Jose Aldo deserves a fair fight after winning the interim title at UFC 200. McGregor has been teasing that he won’t return to the division, but that is not best for business. Once you are committed to your company, you can’t take the easy way out. He recently called out WWE wrestlers, which is funny when you think about it. He is perfect for that world and his recent actions are like an audition; avoiding a challenger, fighting an authority figure and being obsessed with being the best.

My hope is that this fight will distract everyone from all the damage that has been done leading up to the event. For all we know this could be one heck of a show. What happens after is up in the air. Conor McGregor believes himself as a mighty being. Come Saturday, the mighty might have to kneel before his opponent once more. This Saturday, I’m “Team Diaz” all the way. Lets see if McGregor can prove me wrong.

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