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Holm v. De Randamie (Sports Illustrated)

Holm v. De Randamie (Sports Illustrated)

The sound of boo’s could be heard all over the Barclays Center, even as fans witnessed history. Germaine De Randamie defeated Holly Holm via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47) at UFC 208 to win the newly created Women’s Featherweight Title.

The five rounds these women went through were fascinating to say the least, especially after the rounds ended. Germaine hit Holm with a few cheap shots on two separate occasions. The first one after the second round clipped Holm, which could have affected the rest of the fight. Points were not taken off the score card after both times, which was very questionable. Holm stated during the post-fight press conference that she thought it was intentional, which upset her. She did say she would love a chance for a rematch.

As the fight went on, both fighters struggled to maintain any dominance. Whether by grappling, punching or kicking, nobody had a clear advantage. Holly appeared to be giving away every move she made the entire night, giving De Randamie the edge.

By the final round the crowd was extremely restless. There was a lot of clinching around the cage, with neither fighter ultimately having an edge. Minus a deadly kick later on, I believe Holm was going to lose. Many of her peers thought differently however. She admitted later on that she didn’t fully commit to the takedown, which would have given her a huge advantage. It was a fight worth remembering for the both of them though.

De Randamie won her first title in her MMA career and now has a 7-3 record. After the fight, she announced that she would need surgery on her hand. She was not at the post-fight press conference.  Holm is now 10-3 and has lost three straight fights since defeating Ronda Rousey for the Women’s Bantamweight Title at UFC 193. Some say she had the advantage due to her boxing history around this weight. She stated that could be a factor during UFC 208 Media Day. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Where does Holly go from here? She might have to work her way back up the UFC ranks while also attempting to “find herself”. When asked what her future holds, Holm stated, “I just lost 3 in a row, so I’ll take whatever they give me.” How long will De Randamie be out for due to her surgery? What will happen to Cris Cyborg, who this division was basically built for? One thing is guaranteed: Cyborg could have easily defeated both of these fighters.

The UFC’s tour of New York went through Brooklyn, and it made history once again. As controversial as it may have been, a champion was crowned inside the Barclays Center. What happens now will be very interesting.

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