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Update on Can-Am League Off-Season News

Hi, my name is Gary W. Marchese Jr.  I am the beat reporter for the NJ Jackals for this season through  I just wanted to introduce myself as we start this journey into the baseball season with the NJ Jackals which will be starting at the end of May and last until September.
My passion is baseball and I have some experience covering the minor leagues.  I also have covered both the New York Yankees and New York Mets for the last few years through my own blog.  I have worked with many other publications and also have covered minor league hockey for a year and done some football.  I am available all the time.  If you have any comments, I expect to get them through this website and my articles.  Please comment and ask questions often.  I want this to be a fun season for us all that cover and watch/follow the NJ Jackals.
I can also be reached through my email at and on twitter @gmarchesej.
Here is some news during this off-season as we start to prepare for the upcoming season.  The 2015 schedule is out so if you are planning on getting tickets or just look forward to looking at the schedule check it out at
The Can-Am league commissioner Miles Wolff announced on January 15, 2015 that three different baseball organizations will be part of the Can-Am’s inter-league competition for the 2015 season.  The Can-Am league is the league that the Jackals are a part of.
From June 9-28, an all-star team from the Shikoku Island League, Japan’s top independent league, will play one series against each of the regular Can-Am league members, for a total of 17 games.  The Shikoku Island League will pause its regular season to bring its best players to face the Can-Am League.
Wolff commented:  “This is tremendously exciting for our league to be able to host an international showcase series during the regular season. We look forward to the potential of more interleague play with the Shikoku Island League and other international teams in future years.”
The Garden State Grays will face Can-Am league clubs beginning on June 29 until the end of the season on September 7.  In addition, the Can-Am League will enter its fourth season of inter-league play with the American Association, with clubs playing a total of 100 games against American Association opponents.  Can-Am League teams will face as many as 13 opponents this season, and league officials expect strong interest.

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