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Update on Jets Quarterback Situation Through OTA’s

Geno Smith (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)

Geno Smith (Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports)


The summer OTA’s are well underway for the New York Jets by this point. And the only major piece of the team that is missing is Ryan Fitzpatrick because he and the Jets have yet to come to terms on a new contract.

As of right now, it seems as if the Jets are taking inventory on the quarterbacks that are currently on their roster to see if any of them are suitable to start next year. But the hope that one of their young quarterbacks showing signs of being a solid starter have yet to come.

Apparently, both Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg have had their struggles in their summer OTA’s thus far. “Right now I expect him to look sloppy because he’s seeing a whole boat load of defenses that are coming at him daily, and there’s going to be a growth period,” said head coach Todd Bowles about on rookie quarterback Christian Hackenberg.

Petty has had his struggles as well throwing two interceptions. One bad practice in summer OTA’s does not meant that they can’t turn things around. But Todd Bowles has said that he expects more from Bryce Petty.

This quarterback situation clearly gives leverage to Fitzpatrick over the Jets in the free agency market. The Jets have now seen what they have in the quarterback depth chart. Petty is not capable of starting, Hackenberg is not capable of starting, and I would hope that the Jets coaching staff and front office would be hesitant to name Geno Smith the starting quarterback.

The Jets should not be criticized for waiting this long and not wanting to overpay Fitzpatrick. The Jets have drafted a quarterback in three of the last four drafts and they wanted to see if one of them was capable to start before giving Fitzpatrick a contract. But hopefully now, they realize that none of their quarterbacks are up for the challenge to lead a “win now” team to the playoffs. Fitzpatrick is the only one that can do it. And because of this, I think a deal between the two sides will be completed sooner rather than later.

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