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Was Odell Beckham Jr. Caught ‘In flagrante delicto’ by a Cell Phone?

from Barstoolsports Is the man in this picture Odell Beckham?

from Barstoolsports
Is the man in this picture Odell Beckham?

Hey Everyone it‘s Double G‘s Gossip Girl, Pamela Michelle! I’m back with another sizzling piece of news for you! This one comes with a lesson!

Earlier this morning, as I skimmed through my news feed I came across something that immediately caught my attention: What you ask?

An article on that lets the world know, Odell Beckham Jr. (allegedly) or someone who has copied his signature hair style doing the tongue dance on his lady friend!

If this is true, and it  is indeed OBJ, he either didn’t attend his rookie orientation, or wasn’t paying attention to the social media lecture portion.

The picture in question showing OBJ getting his “grove on” foreplay style, with a woman, who decided it would be awesome to snap a shot of him pleasuring her! Now it has of course, made its way to the internet.

While you can’t see OBJ’s face in the pic, the hairstyle gives him away.  There is nothing wrong with being different and having a signature look. That is until it gets you put on blast!

Just after the Super Bowl, Julian Edelman had a similar situation when a girl he hooked up with took a pic of him sleeping after their romp in the sheets. It’s sad, scary and makes you shake your head at the same time. People want their 15 minutes of fame, but why be so sleazy and let people know you were a one night hookup?

Sorry, sweetie but it’s not impressive if you hook up with an athlete if all you are is road beef.  Woman like these give others such a bad name, and seriously make trust between people a huge issue!

In the age of social media with everything at your fingertips, it’s almost impossible for someone in the lime- light to avoid sticky situations like this.

Still, one has to be very careful to do so.

This time OBJ it’s only a snap shot, next time it could be a sex tape! Do yourself a huge favor, and go talk to Derek Jeter. He has managed to bag the hottest women, and still stay under the radar! Jeter has figured out how to keep these things from surfacing. It could possible be one of the best meetings you could set up for yourself!

Below is the picture in question. Curtsy of You decide for yourself and leave a comment below! Also be sure to catch the segment “Dirty Laundry” where we will expand on OBJ’s off field activity! Wednesday night at 9PM Eastern Standard time on the Double G radio network!

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