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Welcome Back, Yankees

After weeks of mediocre play and talks of the sky falling, the Yankees are back.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Yankees are back.  Welcome back, Yankees.  Welcome back.

This may absolutely be premature, but the Yankees after Wednesday’s victory look to have a certain swagger back that they’ve been missing for a while.  Luke Voit went 4 for 4 with 2 opposite field home runs, Miguel Andujar was 2 for 4 with a home run (his 25th by the way) and a double, and Aaron Hicks had a two run triple.  Aaron Judge got on the scoresheet with a hit and a hard hit ball that went through the legs of Eduardo Nunez and scored two runs.

The offense is clicking, Luis Severino was excellent and the Yankees have already taken two of three from the eventual A.L. East champs.  Does this series matter?  Yes and no.  It matters in the fact that the Yankees need to keep up the pace as Oakland chases them, but they can’t win the division.  However, preventing the Red Sox from clinching in the Bronx was huge for morale.

This was more of just an uplifting post to boost the morale of all Yankee fans out there who feel their team isn’t playing up to snuff.  They haven’t in the past few weeks, but there’s still some time to mend those wounds.  If the Yankees can get home towards the finish line, the sky is the limit for the team.

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