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Westcoast Nightmare For Mets

Article by Double G Sports Contributing Writer Marc A. Spallino

 [This article was written by Double G Sports contributing writer Marc A. Spallino]

Everything about this west coast road trip for the Mets has been a complete nightmare. The biggest issue is the Mets offense. The team has gone 14 straight innings without scoring a run and also has had 32 strikeouts in their past 3 games. Last night’s 2-0 loss to the Dodgers put the Mets 7 ½ games behind the Atlanta Braves in the NL East and also dropped them into third place behind the Phillies. Mets GM Omar Minaya claims that Jerry Manuel’s job is safe. I wonder how safe Mets hitting coach Howard Johnson’s job is.

Since the all star break the Mets are 1-7. Although their starting pitching has been solid, with the exception of Mike Pelfrey, they have not been able to score runs and get wins. Jason Bay was given the night off last night in Los Angeles. Jerry Manuel said he just needed a day to clear his head. Bay has been a complete bust this season. He is only hitting .257 with 6 home runs. Not exactly what the Mets expected when they signed him for $66 million.

The other major problem that the Mets are having of late is lack of team chemistry. This team before the all star break had great chemistry. Now with the return of all the injured players there seems to be some animosity regarding playing time. Jeff Francouer was sent to the bench after the break in order to keep the red hot Angel Pagan in right field. Jeff was one of the team’s best leaders before the break. Now, Francouer claims he wouldn’t mind being traded if he is not going to be getting a lot of playing time. I understand Jeff’s point since he has never been a second string anything since he started playing sports as a kid. But on the other hand, he should have a little patience and see how this plays out instead of causing problems in the clubhouse.

The Mets have 3 more games in Los Angeles before they had back home to Citi Field.

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