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What can WWE Fans Expect to See at Survivor Series PPV?



This Sunday at 8pm, WWE presents one of its original Big Four pay-per-view events, Survivor Series. Of course, it’s only on the WWE Network for… you guessed it, $9.99! This year is a very interesting show for the company, as the planning of matches compared to previous events has been somewhat lackluster to say the least. On one hand, plans had to be changed quickly as a result of WWE Champion Seth Rollins being out six to nine months with a torn ACL, MCL and meniscus. On the other, this card shows the inconsistency in booking that WWE writers, with Vince McMahon in charge, has provided us over the years. I will explain further with the matches below. If you want some Survivor Series predictions, give me a hell yeah…..No? Ok then. Here we go:

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

It is the battle of the Shawn Michaels lookalikes. Luckily, these two have had history over the past month, to the point where this added match doesn’t seem like a throwaway. Tyler Breeze had made a name for himself in NXT, but like most NXT call-ups, hasn’t gotten a big opportunity while on the main roster yet. Dolph isn’t doing too hot either. He went from lone survivor for his team last year, to somewhat obscurity yet again. What is worse is that this feud stems off of a petty relationship issue with Summer Rae. This match, while potentially entertaining, might not end the way fans hoped. Expect shenanigans, because WWE is known for that.

Winner: Ziggler via disqualification

Women’s (Divas) Championship: Charlotte vs. Paige

Two of the most gifted ladies on the WWE rosters, coming from a wrestling family, are here to make their marks during this “Divas Revolution.” This match has so much promise as long as it is allowed an acceptable amount of time. Unfortunately, the match was marred by Paige’s unnecessary comments of Charlotte’s deceased brother, which is a real shame. The hope is that they move past it and do what they do best. A month into her reign, I simply cannot see Charlotte losing her title.

Winner: Charlotte

Undertaker and Kane vs. The Wyatt Family

Let’s see: WWE is celebrating 25 years of the Undertaker, and Bray Wyatt already lost to The Deadman at WrestleMania (short-term booking by the company hopes people forgot that.) The rumors are that Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman are to be sacrificial sheep to be given to the Brothers of Destruction. Too harsh, or too accurate? Unless a shocking twist occurs, don’t be surprised if the brothers win on what could possibly be The Undertaker’s final Survivor Series PPV.

Winner: Kane and The Undertaker

Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Match

This is pretty sad. The PPV that the name is based off of gets its signature match booked last minute without even the participants announced yet. What is even going on? There is potential as both sides could be stacked with talent with nothing to do. It is just very unfortunate to mock what made the event and the fans who love it.

Winner: The good guys…This is what is has come down to

And now onto the ultimate wildcard matches: The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament!

Semi-Finals: Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

Two great wrestlers with unique styles. Both have been through it all and are adored by the fans. Ambrose has the edge here due to the unique storyline opportunity the company has with the finals. I see potential here for a classic if Owens is motivated enough, and if Dean continues to put it all on the line. Expect a “slobberknocker”, as Good olJR would say, with lots of raw emotion being put in. Regardless of the winner, the result could be a fantastic match.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Semi-Finals: Alberto Del Rio vs. Roman Reigns

Alberto just returned to the company and won the U.S. title. Unfortunately, he is in the way of WWE’s (Vince’s) new golden boy. I would have personally loved to see Del Rio stay in Lucha Underground as there are more opportunities for him there. I do expect Alberto to make this an interesting match, and Roman has improved enough to be watchable.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Championship Finals

If everything goes according to plan (or in this case, if WWE is as predictable as we think), we should be seeing Ambrose vs. Reigns. The former Shield brothers facing off makes the most sense, considering they are on opposite ends of the bracket. There were rumors that Reigns was supposed to beat Rollins at the PPV before Rollins’ injury. However, it is being reported by various wrestling sites that Ambrose may surprise everyone and win the title. While that surely would be unpredictable, I can’t see that working out for The Lunatic Fringe. For all we know, this could all be a trap to see Sheamus cash in his Money in the Bank contract. The match doesn’t have to be a wrestling classic between these two, but it could tell a great story considering their history. With all of these rumors going around, it’s still not hard to stick to my guns and predict the obvious. John Cena 2.0 will be crowned the new champion, and possibly turn heel in the process.

Winner:  Roman Reigns

This PPV does not seem to have the same interest level that previous PPV’s have had. Vince and company have an opportunity to prove everyone wrong and create something out of nothing. The championship match will definitely shake things up within the company, hopefully for the right reasons.

What are your thoughts and predictions? Feel free to share your opinions. You can also follow me on Twitter for my thoughts as the event happens at

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